English Success Academy


English Success Academy helps connect ambitious students from all around the world with qualified teachers and training tools to help them achieve their target TOEFL scores. When English Success Academy launched their website in 2015, they needed a tool to integrate their sales site (powered by WooCommerce and running on X Theme) with their Infusionsoft application. WP Fusion provided the magic that brought it all together.

Note: While this use case applies to Infusionsoft, all of the tools and techniques mentioned here can be used in ActiveCampaign or any of our other supported CRMs.

Project Goals

  • Connect to Infusionsoft: Track leads using Gravity Forms, apply tags to customers purchasing through WooCommerce, and capture registrations from webinars.
  • Sync accounts between sites: Automate the checkout process so new customers are automatically registered as new students on the learning portal.
  • Enroll students in courses: Enroll new students in LearnDash courses on the learning portal based on tags applied to their Infusionsoft contact record.
  • Track course progress: Monitor students progress through courses and use automations to detect when students need additional help
  • Provide support forums: Allow students communicate with teachers and eachother through bbPress forums specific to their enrolled classes.
  • Collect student information: Create custom profile forms for students to complete to get a fuller picture of each student’s background.
  • Create teacher tools: Allow teachers to purchase courses for students, track their students’ progress, and communicate through an internal messaging system.

Phase 1 – Connecting everything to Infusionsoft

After configuring the connection to Infusionsoft, the first step in setting up ESA to send new customers to Infusionsoft was to check the “Create users” option in the WP Fusion settings page.


Next, we configured each product in the store to apply a tag in Infusionsoft when the product was purchased.


Since customers are checking out with WooCommerce, we also wanted to store all of the information provided at checkout in their Infusionsoft contact record. This can be done easily with WP Fusion’s intuitive field mapping interface.

Gravity Forms Setup

Not all visitors come to English Success Academy to purchase products. ESA offers various free webinars and educational programs for teachers. Because ESA was using Gravity Forms to handle webinar registrations, we created a series of “Feeds” to submit form entires to Infusionsoft and tag contacts based on which webinars they had attended.



Phase 2 – Connecting to the online learning portal

Because ESA’s online learning portal is hosted on a separate WordPress site, there was no simple way to give access students to their courses after they’d made a purchase. WP Fusion, however, makes this a breeze. By mapping the user’s email address and password to the “Username” and “Password” fields in Infusionsoft, the user’s login credentials are immediately saved to the contact record when they make a purchase.


By using an “Applies a tag” goal in Infusionsoft, any customer tagged with a product purchase can be entered into a campaign sequence in Infusionsoft. By setting up an HTTP Post to WP Fusion running on the learning portal, any contacts who enter into this sequence will automatically be created as new WordPress users on the other site. All of their data they entered at checkout is automatically transferred over, including their username and password, making for a seamless transition between the sales site and the learning portal.



After purchasing, customers are sent an email with their username and password and link to the learning portal. Visiting the learning portal opens up a quick and easy prompt for logging in and beginning your classes, with all information already transferred over from the sales site.



Phase 3 – Integrating with LearnDash

To make the customer experience as seamless as possible, we wanted to automatically enroll the users in the LearnDash courses for the relevant products they’d purchased. After a customer logs in to the learning portal, they see a quick overview of their enrolled courses and course progress.


To automatically enroll users in LearnDash courses based on their tags, we make use of the “linked tag” functionality in WP Fusion. By linking a tag with a course, the student will automatically be enrolled in the course when the tag is applied.

Now when the student logs in for the first time, they see their enrolled courses right away from the dashboard.

Phase 4 – Tracking activity and optimizing the user experience

When we sent the new customers from the sales site to the learning portal, all of their Infusionsoft tags were carried over with them. This means that we can restrict access to content, and also apply tags based on events on the site.

For example, we were able to create community forums specific to certain groups of customers by using WP Fusion’s bbPress integration and content restriction tools.

In the screenshot at right, we’ve created a forum that’s only visible to users who’ve purchased the 24+ Writing course on the sales site.


We can also use WP Fusion to apply tags based on user activity. In this case, we wanted to track students’ progression through LearnDash courses, applying tags when courses were begun, and when they were completed.

We could then use timers in campaign sequences to follow up with students who may be progressing through the courses more slowly than usual, or notify teachers of students who may need special attention.

Using our LearnDash integration, student progress can be tracked at the course level, or can be configured for individual lessons and topics as well.