User Meta Shortcodes

Note: This functionality is now included in WP Fusion. Check out the shortcodes page for more information.

Using the plugin User Meta Shortcodes you can take any custom data that is stored in WordPress and show it on the site.

Simply use the shortcode to output any data that has been synced from your CRM. For example [userinfo field="last_name"]{{empty}}[/userinfo] returns the last name of the current logged-in user. If no user is logged in then the value is empty string.

List of some of the available meta field names:

  • ID
  • user_email
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • user_login

If you add custom user meta via additional plugins, then the meta should be available for the above shortcodes. For more information on User Meta Shortcodes, visit the plugin’s page on the WordPress repository.