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Integration with MemberDash

Hi Jack, I’d like to see an integration with MemberDash (from LearnDash folks). It’s something we are looking at, because wooCommerce is overkill for what we do. MemberDash seems a better fit, lighter weight membership options for LearnDash courses and groups. Its not a CRM, but has some basic capabilities. Thanks, Dan

Started Category: Plugin Integrations 0 comments Updated: June 26, 2024
29 votes

SureCart Enhanced Ecommerce

Add an Enhanced Ecommerce (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/ecommerce-tracking/ecommerce-overview/) integration with SureCart (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/ecommerce/surecart/) so that invoices / deals can be synced to the CRM from SureCart purchases.

Started Category: Enhanced Ecommerce 5 comments Updated: May 18, 2024
2 votes

MemberPress Enhanced Ecommerce Deal Stages

At the moment the Enhanced Ecommerce integration with MemberPress only supports syncing Completed transactions. Update it so that, similar to the WooCommerce integration (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/ecommerce-tracking/hubspot-ecommerce/#woocommerce-order-statuses) you can map MemberPress transaction status with deal stages in CRMs that support sales pipelines. When a transaction is created in a mapped status it should be synced to the corresponding …

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Started Category: Enhanced Ecommerce 0 comments Updated: September 7, 2023
4 votes

GoHighLevel Custom Opportunity Fields

GHL recently released the ability to create custom fields for opportunity. There is a chance they haven’t included this feature in the API yet but I wanted to put this out there early because it would be VERY helpful for my workflow. Thank you!

Started Category: CRM Integrations 4 comments Updated: September 5, 2023
10 votes

Enhanced ecommerce in Groundhogg

Would be great to have this in Groundhogg. They have a sales pipeline extension which you can see here. https://www.groundhogg.io/downloads/pipeline/

Started Category: Enhanced Ecommerce 4 comments Updated: May 18, 2024
43 votes

FluentCRM – Enhanced Ecommerce

When connecting to FluentCRM over the REST API, allow for syncing WooCommerce orders into the Purchase History tab, and triggering automations using the WooCommerce triggers (if possible). (Updated: this is going to be an integration with FluentBoards . Orders will create a “task” on a board, and order status changes will move the task through …

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Started Category: Enhanced Ecommerce 31 comments Updated: May 18, 2024
3 votes

Trigger on Reschedule added to current BookingWP integration

The ability to add tags AND update the Appointment Date field when a user reschedules their appointment. Here is some feedback from the developer of BookingWP that should help ======== This action is triggered after the appointment has been rescheduled: do_action( ‘woocommerce_appointments_rescheduled_appointment’, $appointment->get_id() ); You can hook into it or can forward this to the …

Trigger on Reschedule added to current BookingWP integration Read More »

Started Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements 0 comments Updated: August 25, 2021