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Advanced Custom Fields Integration

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Integration; specifically so that I can build a product page template in Elementor, and then show/hide various widgets/elements on the page based on user tags.


I’d like to be able to hide the “Add to Cart” widget from a product page if the logged in user already has the tag associated with that course, and instead show a paragraph and button like:

“You already own this course. Visit your ‘My Courses’ page to continue learning”

How I imagine this working is similar to dynamic tags for text elements (see screenshots). With text, you can dynamically show whatever is set up in the back-end product set up inside an ACF field. And then while the template remains the same, depending on which product is being viewed, different text will appear to the user.

So in this case, in the Advanced > WP Fusion box inside Elementor, there could be an option to use “dynamic tags” instead of the same tag no matter the user. And then in the product page where we add all the info about price, etc, we could add the tag for this specific product.

Then if the user visiting that product page has that tag, instead of being able to see the “add to cart” section, they see the message to go to “My Courses” instead.

Hope that makes sense. I think there would be a lot of other cool use cases for this kind of feature.

Thanks for your epic plugin. We couldn’t have the website we do, without WP Fusion!! You rock 🙂

Declined Category: Plugin Integrations Megan Marais shared this idea Updated: June 17, 2022

1 thought on “Advanced Custom Fields Integration”

  1. Hey Megan, thanks for the idea!

    I can see how this would be useful, but Elementor doesn’t support us adding dynamic properties to the Select Tags dropdowns. We could probably hack it together and make it work, but then it would also probably break with Elementor updates…. which is no fun for anybody.

    I think for this a better option would be to use the wpf_elementor_can_access filter (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/filters/wpf_elementor_can_access/), and then you can use that to read the required tags off of the underlying post.

    Those could either be the tags from the main WP Fusion metabox (using wp_fusion()->access->get_post_access_meta( $post_id ); ), or tags saved in an ACF field. Whatever you like.

    That will give you the most flexibility and you can be sure it won’t break with Elementor updates.

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