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Allow Other WP User Roles to access all content

Currently under the “Content Restrictions” section of the WP Fusion General Settings area there’s this setting:

Exclude Administrators: Users with Administrator accounts will be able to view all content, regardless of restrictions.

We need the same option for other user Roles.

Currently, a client that has something other than Admin user role, can’t see any of the content unless they have the proper tags to see that content.

If I give them the needed tags then any content that’s filtered based on the “Filter Queries” content doesn’t show up on the front end. This also means that they can’t see the content on the backend in places like LearnDash either. This is a HUGE issue for content management. There is a workaround I’ve made by creating a “Client All Access” tag that unlocks everything but then I have to make sure to go through all posts/pages to add that tag to the WPF meta box.

Another checkbox for each user role like there is for Admin would be awesome!

As a secondary issue, if I have a Login Redirect rule set using the WPF plugin for such, and I gave the client has the same tag as the normal members to see the content, the login redirect rule in WPF settings take precedence over the other login redirect plugin I’ve installed to put the client onto the WP Admin dashboard.

Completed Category: Core Feature Enhancements Chris shared this idea Updated: February 26, 2022

3 thoughts on “Allow Other WP User Roles to access all content”

  1. Would love this also as an option from within the plugin settings instead of via a theme file update. Would be great if you could add an example into the wpf_admin_override docs as well that checks for a user role ID rather than a capability.

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