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Auto-Create "Link with Tag" tag from Group Name upon Group creation in BuddyBoss

There are is functionality in Uncanny Automator that can auto-create a BuddyBoss group, group name, set to private, etc… based off of a Gravity Form submission.

The one piece missing to make this perfect would be having a WPFusion "Link with Tag" able to be auto-created and populated for the groups, this could be based off the same Group Name.

This would allow a BuddyBoss group to be auto-created and anyone with the tag of that group be automatically added to the group. Without any additional admin work in the backend.

We have multiple use cases where lots of groups are created, but the users have to request access and admin approve or an admin has to set up a tag manually and then update a CRM automation to add people with that tag to the group automatically. It's a fair amount of work.

This would be amazing to automate if it is at all possible.

Thanks team!

Under Review Category: Core Feature Enhancements Aj Toker shared this idea Updated: January 14, 2023

3 thoughts on “Auto-Create "Link with Tag" tag from Group Name upon Group creation in BuddyBoss”

  1. This is possible, but it’s not so straightforward….

    The main issue is, out of the 55 CRMs we support, only 18 of them can use dynamically created tags like that.

    (i.e. tags can be referenced just by their name, an API call isn’t required to first create the tag and return and store the tag ID).

    I believe you’re primarily using Groundhogg and Ontraport, correct? Even if we did implement this feature, it wouldn’t work with either of those platforms.

    It would, however, work with ActiveCampaign… and as our most popular ESP that makes it worth considering.

    If you’re already using Automator, is it not possible to auto-enroll a user into a group after a form submission?

    This might be a better case for writing some custom code that runs after the form is submitted to update the enrollments.

    The problem is, supposing you want to do it via a linked tag with Ontraport, you’d need to:

    1. Send an API call to create the tag in Ontraport.
    2. Store the new tag ID as the linked tag on the course.
    3. Trigger a Resync Tags for All Users operation to search for any users with the tag and auto-enroll them.

    This is quite slow and could take a long time to run if you have a lot of users.

    If it’s not critical to have a tag (i.e. the important part is the enrollment, you’re not using the tag for marketing), then I’d probably lean towards doing it via Automator or custom code rather than trying to tie it together with tags and API calls.

    But we’ll leave this up and see what interest is like from other folks 🙂

  2. Hey Jack, as always thank you for the detailed and prompt reply. Still amazing how tuned in you and the team are. It’s greatly appreciated!

    I do use Ontraport and Groundhogg primarily for my most active clients, however I also use ActiveCampaign, Keap, Neon, MailerLite, and a few others on a fairly regular basis.

    *”If you’re already using Automator, is it not possible to auto-enroll a user into a group after a form submission?”* — I’m still working on this, the problem I’m running into is dynamically filtering them into the proper group automatically.

    In the use case above, the organization is registering first and all the tags and groups are created based off that, Groundhogg is auto-creating a tag based on the Organization Name from Gravity Forms, I was going to use this same function when Members start registering for accounts under each organization. They select “Org 1” and then get the “Org 1” tag plus all the follow up actions involved (including being added to the group).

    From what I can tell Automator can’t dynamically look at a value and put them in a group based on that. (I’ll keep digging, but I didn’t seem to see how to accomplish that).

    Thanks again for entertaining my wild ideas. I’ll keep solution seeking on this one and let you know.

    1. Gotcha, thanks for clarifying.

      That introduces another layer of complexity because WPF wouldn’t be aware that Groundhogg had just created a new tag based on the group name. So we’d need to trigger a “Resync Tags and Fields” operation to load the new tags, compare to see if a matching tag name is found, and then copy that tag’s ID into the settings.

      It’d basically only work with Automator + Groundhogg which is little too specific for me.

      We do have an action that runs after WPF has synced a form entry to Groundhogg: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/actions/wpf_forms_post_submission/

      You might be able to use that to trigger an enrollment and/or set some properties on the group?

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