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Better Media Tools Add-on

The Media Tools add-on lacks integration with key video players like JWPlayer. Additionally, it needs an Elementor integration and ideally an integration for all video players generated via shortcode.

Completed Category: Core Feature Enhancements, Media Tools Zach Kinsey shared this idea Updated: April 20, 2021

2 thoughts on “Better Media Tools Add-on”

  1. I’ve never heard of JWPlayer so I don’t know. I’ll leave this up so we can see what the interest is like.

    For a bit of context we added VooPlayer (now “Spotlightr”) support and it’s been a massive pain to maintain. Super buggy. I don’t want to go through that again.

    Elementor is supported already: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/media-tools/elementor-integration/

    Every video player integration needs to be coded against that video player’s JavaScript API (if they have one, some players don’t). So it’s unfortunately not possible to create a universal adapter for any shortcode-based player. They all need special treatment.

  2. I’m going to mark this complete since we’ve added Presto Player integration (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/media-tools/presto-player-integration/) and fallback tracking for iframes: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/media-tools/usage-guide/#advanced-iframe-tracking. The plugin is now “better” 😉

    JWPlayer is not on the roadmap at the current time, but if anyone needs a specific player integration, please create a new feature request for each desired player.

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