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brevo segments = tags (currently in Beta)

brevo is going towards a more tag-based approach with their new segments feature (currently in beta, available on request). “Segments” is their name for tags – as far as I have seen in the docs. Here all the docs on that:

Declined Category: CRM Integrations Clemens Mazza shared this idea Updated: December 29, 2022

3 thoughts on “brevo segments = tags (currently in Beta)”

  1. From what I’m seeing, segments will be dynamic based on criteria (sort of like Active Lists with HubSpot). For example from https://help.brevo.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021703959

    “Segments are personalized groups of contacts automatically generated by a set of conditions based on attributes and/or events. ”

    So in that case we wouldn’t be able to update a subscriber’s segments over the API.

    However, we could allow you to protect content using segments… we do support this with HubSpot. If that would still be valuable let me know and we can consider it when the feature comes out of beta.

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for the clarification. In this case the dynamic lists is not a priority for me. So how is brevo handling tags then? or aren’t there any at all? I am new to brevo as I am on the move from AC to a GDPR save provider.

      1. brevo doesn’t have Tags, but they have Lists, which work in the same way.

        When you connect WPF to brevo you’ll see the UI update to read “Apply Lists” / “Required Lists”, etc.

        Lists can be used as triggers and conditions in workflows, just like you’re used to with tags in AC.

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