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Divi show section/row/module if user has not tag

With the Divi Theme and WP Fusion it's possible to show a section/row/module based on the tags a logged-in users has (any tags).

It would be great to have a field setting to show a section/row/module based in the tags a logged-in user has not.

It would be more user friendly than have the admin use an plugin and work with php boolean expressions.

Under Review Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Mario Schneider shared this idea Updated: August 12, 2022

2 thoughts on “Divi show section/row/module if user has not tag”

  1. WPFusion has opened up fantastic new doors for our online school, because we can show and hide content based on Drip tags.

    However, without the “must NOT have” field, we must work complex workarounds with extraneous and cumbersome Drip tags in order to achieve our goals. It would be FAR FAR simpler if we had a “must NOT have” field in Divi elements.

    We are aware there is a plugin to work around this, but it would be far easier and graceful to have this VERY important functionality in WPFusion itself.

    Page have a “must have” and a “not have” tag feature. Why not Divi modules too?

    1. It’s a long and kind of complicated story.

      But the basic version is…. Elementor, Beaver Buider, Bricks, Breakdance, Oxygen, etc., have all made APIs available that make it easy for us to render controls that include a multiselect for tags. This is possible in just a few lines of code.

      With these builders, we can easily add a Required Tag(s) All and Required Tag(s) Not option (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/page-builders/elementor/#access-control), as well as many other features like filtering post grids based on the user’s tags (i.e. https://wpfusion.com/documentation/page-builders/bricks/#filter-queries)

      Divi doesn’t have a built-in UI that would work for this, so we’d need to code our own.

      This would involve setting up a development pipeline and software specific to Divi, including Yarn, and developing the UI in React. You can get a sense of the complexity here: https://github.com/elegantthemes/divi-extension-example. This is project that could potentially cost many thousands of dollars and months of development.

      As an interim solution, we’ve added “Required Tags” as a text input, where you can type in the names of the tags. WP Fusion then tries to match the tag names up with their IDs, and hopefully the content is successfully protected: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/page-builders/divi/

      However, as you’ve seen, this is clunky, and one typo or mis-capitalization makes it all not work.

      Our hope would be that the newer versions of Divi currently in development will add more native UI elements (like a multiselect) or make it easier for us to add our own controls without having to develop them using Divi’s JavaScript framework.

      In the meantime, the Content Visibility for Divi plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/content-visibility-for-divi-builder/) is our recommended solution since it lets you use a PHP expression to set the access rules, which isn’t really any less temperamental than our current text based access system.

      So… that’s the reasoning. We have talked to Divi about this as well. This is a feature that would be nice to have, but at the moment we can’t justify investing so much development time on such a niche feature. And I don’t want to continue adding text-based tag select settings because it’s frustrating for users, often breaks, and it will hopefully be replaced once Divi improves the developer experience.

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