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Dynamic Tagging In FluentCRM

Would it be possible to enable dynamic tagging with the FluentCRM integration. It seems to me that everything is there to do this. When a tag name is typed in, or in the case of field syncing the field value, a tag lookup by name can be executed. If the tag name doesn't exist then create the tag. It seems like the FCRM API's are there to do this, but maybe there's more to this than what I'm thinking of. But if possible, I would like to see this so that I can use Dynamic Tagging in the field sync.

Under Review Category: CRM Integrations Norm Sash shared this idea Updated: May 17, 2024

1 thought on “Dynamic Tagging In FluentCRM”

  1. With FluentCRM you *can* type a new tag name into the dropdowns in the WP Fusion UI, and WP Fusion will make an API call to create the tag, and store the tag ID to be used later.

    But because FluentCRM uses IDs to reference tags, it’s not possible to send a text field and have it converted to a tag on the fly like it is with ActiveCampaign and some other platforms. It has to be created before it can be used.

    In theory it would be possible to auto-create tags via individual API calls for each unrecognized tag value, and allow “dynamic tagging” like you’re used to with AC. But we don’t currently support this with any platforms since every tag requires an API call. If you synced your WooCommerce product categories to tags, for example, this could be enough API calls to cause the checkout to time out. Which we’d prefer to avoid.

    We could maybe get around that by creating at most one or two new tags per request, while ignoring the rest… but that also has drawbacks. As you can see it gets complicated 😅

    I’ll leave this up and we can see what the interest is like, but at the moment it’s too big of an undertaking for a feature that isn’t used by many customers.

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