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Event Tracking FluentCRM

Please add the ability to use the event tracking addon with FluentCRM. P

Completed Category: Event Tracking Addon Swen Galster shared this idea Updated: February 4, 2024

4 thoughts on “Event Tracking FluentCRM”

  1. Hey Swen,

    We’ve looked into Event Tracking with FluentCRM. At the moment, FluentCRM doesn’t really support event tracking in the same way as ActiveCampaign (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/event-tracking/activecampaign-event-tracking/) or even Groundhogg (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/event-tracking/groundhogg-event-tracking/).

    FluentCRM *does* have “notes”, and we could use notes for events… but it’s possible for a single subscriber to accumulate a lot of events (imagine video engagements, or course / lesson progress). So this would basically make the Notes component in FluentCRM unusable for anything aside from events, since your real notes (call logs, transactions, orders, etc) would be lost among the dozens or hundreds of “event” notes.

    We’ll leave this up and see what the interest is like. We would like to add event tracking to our FluentCRM integration but I’m not sure if notes are the best place for that data..

    1. Thanks for looking this up so quickly.

      I would love to see event tracking become possible with FluentCRM. So I have now also contacted WPManageNinja and forwarded your info.

      It also seems to me that notes is not the best place for this data. Maybe WPManageNinja can make some adjustments to optimize this.

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