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FreshSales Integration

Integrate with FreshSales/FreshMarketer or more commonly known as Freshsales Suite. Please check out freshworks.com

Under Review Category: CRM Integrations Benjamin Tan shared this idea Updated: December 6, 2022

2 thoughts on “FreshSales Integration”

  1. We looked into FreshMarketer in 2020, but they don’t make Segments available over the API (https://developer.freshmarketer.com/api/). Here’s what I said at the time…

    “They make Lists available over the API. WP Fusion needs *some* way of segmenting people to work properly, so we could use Lists instead of Segments.

    The problem is their lists aren’t really optimized for that. Let’s say for example you want to use WP Fusion to require someone to watch 90% of a video before accessing a page. With Drip we’d apply a tag like “NurtureVideo_Complete” when the video is complete, and then the page would be protected by that tag, so when they finish the video the page unlocks.

    You’d need to use lists in Freshmarketer for that. So you might end up with hundreds of lists that track very specific things about your customers. I don’t love that because lists should really be “mailing lists”, and segments should be for internal segmentation. But segments aren’t available over the API.

    As well to make it work with lists we would need them to add an API method for getting all the lists of a given contact. That way if someone tries to access a page in WordPress that’s protected by a Freshmarketer list, WP Fusion can make an API call to get all the lists that contact belongs to. I don’t see a way to do that with their current API.

    So… I don’t know how great of a fit it would be. I’m playing around with a trial account now and it’s definitely cool… the app is slick and I like the automation builder, but without being able to edit segments over the API I feel like we’re fitting a square peg into a round hole.”

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