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FV Player

hi, can you add integration with FV Player https://foliovision.com/downloads/fv-player-license https://it.wordpress.org/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer/

Completed Category: Plugin Integrations Edoardo Guzzi shared this idea Updated: March 21, 2024

7 thoughts on “FV Player”

    1. I’m not sure if their UI supports us adding custom settings… but maybe we could do something via a shortcode.

      I’ll put in a task to check it out, will post back here when we know more

      1. Thanks a lot 🙂
        At the moment I use a combination of your JavaScript API (apply_tags and wpf_ajax.ajaxurl) with FV player JavaScript API events (fv_track_start, fv_track_start) in order to apply tag. But it would be great to use event tracking instead of tags.
        It could be possibile to have something like “apply_tags” to track events with WP Fusion using Ajax?

        1. Ah I see I thought this was requesting a Media Tools integration.

          Event Tracking is harder… with Presto Player (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/other/presto-player/#event-tracking) we kind of cheated since they have a PHP API, we just fire the events based on the `presto_player_progress` action.

          If FV Player has something similar we can try it but I don’t think it’s going to be worth building a whole JavaScript-based event tracking implementation.

          But… we’ll check it out and reply here with more info +1

          1. Took a quick look. It is possible, but there’s no PHP API… so we’ll need to do it in JS similar to how you’ve done it for tags.

            I’ve put it on the board for development but it will probably be a month or two until it’s ready. Will keep everyone posted here.

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