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Instead of display: none, prevent output of restricted content

At the moment when using WP Fusion with Elementor Pro, restricting content to Everyone , Logged In, Logged Out and also by CRM group/tag, results in the Elementor element (section, widget etc) being hidden with CSS.
For sensitive information, it would be ideal to simply not output the information on the page to begin with.
I actually assumed this was how it was working until I was debugging something.

Declined Category: Plugin Integrations Alex Barron shared this idea Updated: January 8, 2022

1 thought on “Instead of display: none, prevent output of restricted content”

  1. If it’s a widget, the content is completely hidden… It’s not output at all.

    Elementor doesn’t allow you to prevent the output of a section or column. I think to prevent it messing up the layout? I never understood why. So the best we can do in those cases is set it to display: none; via CSS.

    For sensitive information, I’d put the access rules directly on the widget to make sure it’s fully hidden.

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