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Integration with Code Atlantic’s Content Control plugin

Hey Jack

Any chance of getting an integration happening for Content Control plugin by Code Atlantic? https://wordpress.org/plugins/content-control/

It’s a rules engine for content restriction, similar to Memberpress’. So it would be the perfect tool for using WP Fusion without a membership plugin. It’s also pretty popular (20K installs, 5-star rating).

Declined Category: Plugin Integrations Raj Siva-Rajah shared this idea Updated: September 21, 2021

1 thought on “Integration with Code Atlantic’s Content Control plugin”

  1. We started this, but it’s going to be too complicated for the current time.

    Content Control doesn’t support extending the rules with custom rules. We contacted them and they were open to adding a filter for enable that. But then we realized their multiselect can’t handle CRM tags, and it doesn’t save after editing it once, and you can’t select more than one tag.

    It’s a cool plugin but it’s actually a very basic design, and it would require significant changes on their end to get it to work with WP Fusion.

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