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Integration with WP GridBuilder (and its facets)

At the moment integration with Gridbuilder is partial: the results are ok but the facets pull results which should not appear. Same with pagination, sometimes I get 3 results but 10 pages. I believe they load a different query from main results.


Declined Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Andrea Paternostro shared this idea Updated: September 2, 2022

3 thoughts on “Integration with WP GridBuilder (and its facets)”

  1. Hey Andrea, can you provide a little bit more info?

    We just tested Gridbuilder using Filter Queries in Advanced mode 9https://wpfusion.com/documentation/getting-started/general-settings/#filter-queries) and everything worked correctly with pagination and facets.

    I’m going to close this feature request for now since it sounds more like a support issue. If you’re still having trouble with Gridbuilder, drop us a line at https://wpfusion.com/contact/ and we’d be happy to check it out for you 🙂

  2. Peter​ Bradney

    I see this is a 2022 post, I was wondering if any more integration has been done with wp fusion and gridbuilder. Thanks

    1. Hey Peter,

      As far as we’ve tested, WP Fusion is fully compatible with Gridbuilder for showing and hiding grid elements based on a users’ CRM tags.

      That was a couple of years ago now, it’s possible something has changed. Are you having difficulty using WP Fusion with Gridbuilder?

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