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JetEngine / Crocoblock Access Controls

JetEngine, part of the Crocoblock suite, allows for the creation of Custom Post Types, (along with custom post listings, Elementor content layout widgets and other features).

As an admin I would like to be able to restrict access to those custom post types, in the same way that you currently can with “Custom Post Type – UI”, where I can select “Users must be logged in to view posts of this type” and subsequently redirect to a specific location, custom URL and/or add tags, as you can with individual posts, pages and custom posts themselves.

Completed Category: Plugin Integrations Jason Broderick shared this idea Updated: October 18, 2021

1 thought on “JetEngine / Crocoblock Access Controls”

  1. This is complete and was released in today’s update, v3.38.16.

    Unlike CPT-UI, JetEngine is written in Vue, and there are no hooks… so we can’t add any settings inside the plugin. I don’t really love integrating with plugins that are locked down like that. However, we have added a simple submenu off the JetEngine settings menu that lets you select some required tags and a redirect per post type.

    For more complex access rules the wpf_post_type_rules filter is the best option: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/filters/wpf_post_type_rules/

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