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Klick-Tipp Opt-in Process

Add an option to select a default Opt-In Process for new subscribers with Klick-Tipp.


“ID of the double-opt-in process (open the menu “Automatisierung” and choose “Double-Opt-In-Prozesse.” You will find the ID at the top of the table.”

Completed Category: CRM Integrations Jack Arturo shared this idea Updated: November 28, 2022

1 thought on “Klick-Tipp Opt-in Process”

  1. This is complete and was released today in v3.40.41. After updating, click Refresh Available Tags and Fields one time to load the available Opt-in Processes. Then you can select a default Opt-In Process for new contacts from the General tab in the WP Fusion settings.

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