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LearnDash Group Tags for Post Status

Would like two new tagging options for each group:
1) Apply tag [ yyyyy ] when group is in publish mode, remove tag when group is not in publish mode
2) apply tag [ zzzz ] when group is in draft mode, remove tag when group is not in draft mode

LearnDash group in draft mode means: users are still enrolled in group, however, their access to the associated content is temporarily suspended.
UncannyOwl, LearnDash, and WisdmLabs, and WooCommerce groups attached to subscriptions, all operate on this premise, putting the group in Draft mode when the subscription ends/put on hold/cancelled, or group access is “done” or temporarily halted.

We can trigger other actions based on these two new tagging items.

Declined Category: Plugin Integrations Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: September 14, 2020

2 thoughts on “LearnDash Group Tags for Post Status”

  1. We can only apply tags based on individual user actions, not post status changes.

    That’s because if you had more than 10 people or so in the group, changing the group status to Draft would try to tag 10+ people simultaneously, and the site would crash.

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