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LearnDash un-enroll Tag Field


Is it possible to create an un-enrol field in LearnDash, to enable us to quickly search users who may have inadvertently unenrolled from a course?

We could also setup a automation to add a TAG based on that un-enrol field (the tag could be the auto-enrol tag) this would start an automation in ActiveCampaign which would trigger a send tags back to the website which would then re-enrol a user based on LearnDash auto-enrol settings.

Declined Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements David Stark shared this idea Updated: August 4, 2021

1 thought on “LearnDash un-enroll Tag Field”

  1. I can see how it’d be useful but I think it’s potentially too confusing for new users, especially since LearnDash is one of our most popular integrations.

    We already get a fair bit of friction with the Link With Tag setting and automated unenrollments. Now imaging if someone used the same tag for Link With Tag and “Un-enrolled Tag”, they’d end up in an infinite loop of tags being applied and removed.

    Of course we can add warnings about that but it’s another barrier to a smooth onboarding.

    I’d just use the Link With Tag option and you can run an automation around when a tag is removed, which reapplies the tag. Like this: https://share.getcloudapp.com/bLuq6nzG

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