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Make WP Fusion Status Sortable (or Filter) in Order and Subscription Listings

When looking at the WC Orders or Subscriptions table, there is the column for WP Fusion Status.

Is there a way to make that column sortable or filterable so that it is easier to just see all of the records that have not been processed?

Sometimes orders / subscriptions don’t get processed and the only way I know of to find time is to scroll through the list.

Another idea might be to have some type of report (maybe an email alert) when an order / subscription fails to process. Or maybe something in the logs? I like the idea of an email notification better because it is a more timely alert.


Completed Category: Core Feature Enhancements Norm Sash shared this idea Updated: December 16, 2022

3 thoughts on “Make WP Fusion Status Sortable (or Filter) in Order and Subscription Listings”

  1. Hey Jack, thanks so much for the added reporting features on the Orders and Subscriptions screens to identify unprocessed orders. It has really helped out already.

    I do need some clarification on the Process Again from the Subscription screen, such as:

    What is the action that is taken when Process Again is clicked?

    1. Only the subscription is processed?

    2. Both Parent and Renewal are processed again in addition to the subscription?

    3. Only the unsyncd renewal order is processed in addition to the subscription?

    Also, on the Subscriptions list, filtering by “Not processed” doesn’t seem to be working.

    See: https://app.screencast.com/xTUkpLuyuuqyO


    1. Regarding the indicators— yes you’re right. X means it wasn’t processed, Check means it was. You can also put your mouse over those and a tooltip will explain in more detail.

  2. Hey Norm,

    Ah right, I forgot to update this request. Good watching the changelogs đŸ˜‰

    Process again from the subscription screen is explained in the tooltip (https://i.wpfusion.com/uWQhsj), “Any enabled subscription fields will be synced, and any tags configured for the current subscription status will be applied”

    So that just syncs data relative to the subscription, it doesn’t look at any orders (parent or renewal).

    Ah, yes, actually… that dropdown is only supposed to appear on the Orders list, but it’s showing up on every post table. We’ve fixed that for the next update. Thanks.

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