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Memberpress Corporate Accounts Expired / Active Tags

It would be great if we could change a sub-account (corporate) tag in memberpress to state whether that sub-account user membership has expired or is active.

Without knowing this we can only know the active or inactive members that pay for the membership.

If we could have a tag sub-account user inactive tag and or active tag that would be awesome!

Accepted Category: CRM Integrations Thomas Amos shared this idea Updated: July 7, 2022

1 thought on “Memberpress Corporate Accounts Expired / Active Tags”

  1. Thanks Thomas, just to clarify….

    I see that sub-account members cannot remove themselves from the parent account.

    However, the account owner can click Manage Sub Accounts, and then remove sub-members from the corporate account.

    Are you saying you’d like an option to apply tags when a sub-account user is removed?

    Or perhaps it would be better to have a checkbox like “Remove Tags”, so that the “Apply Tags – Corporate Account” tags are removed when the sub-account member is removed? That way you could keep track of who currently is / is not a sub-account member.

    We could do either of those things pretty easily.

    If you’re talking about, for example, when the parent account expires, tagging all the sub-members as expired…. this isn’t possible at the moment due to the amount of time that the API calls take to apply the tags. If a parent account expired and had 10+ sub-members, trying to tag all of them at once would crash your site. We don’t currently have a system in place that can handle tagging many people at the same time in that way.

    Let me know if a “Remove Tags” checkbox would work for you though and we could get that into an upcoming release. Thanks!

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