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Merging Customer & Affiliate Data from Ontraport

It would be amazing if there was a way to integrate customers order details and affiliate data from ontraport. They’re entire way of doing it is incredibly clunky and there’s no other good options out there. The ability to enable customers to update their credit card, view past orders, change their billing info would be a gamechanger. Same goes with affiliate info, such as bringing in their ledgers, commissions paid, commissions owed, etc. Ontraport just seems to have completely ignored their WP plugins (PilotPress and Ontrapages) and they do NOT play nicely with other plugins and are pretty clunky. I can’t be the only one on WordPress and Ontraport that just wants to have a customer center from OP info without needing yet another plugin for a shopping cart!

Declined Category: CRM Integrations Sajah Popham shared this idea Updated: May 17, 2024

1 thought on “Merging Customer & Affiliate Data from Ontraport”

  1. For the most part, Ontraport doesn’t allow us to access that data over the API.

    I believe Ontraport’s push at the moment is for you to not use WordPress at all, and to run everything from their CMS. So that’s why their plugins have been neglected, and the API endpoints aren’t available.

    The affiliate and commission data isn’t available at all.

    We could load some order data, but credit cards can’t be updated.

    I don’t think it’s practical as a feature for WP Fusion since it would be so limited. Customers would still need to use the Ontraport customer center for many things.

    Have you considered using a more lightweight plugin for a cart in WordPress, like SureCart? https://wpfusion.com/reviews/is-it-time-to-look-at-surecart-as-a-woocommerce-alternative/

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