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password expiration

Idea: Set a master setting – to force passwords to expire
* after X days / months / years
* when tag X is assigned
[ x ] either AND or OR both conditions

similar to: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-force-password/

I just was hopeful that this could be built in to wpFusion – to send an email to the individual user account (that can be customized).

Declined Category: Core Feature Enhancements Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: January 11, 2022

3 thoughts on “password expiration”

  1. I think that if WP Force Password can already do it, then it doesn’t really make sense for us to include this in WP Fusion, especially since it doesn’t relate to the CRM integration.

    A more appropriate request might be “Apply a tag to trigger a reset of a user’s password” since that would *only* be possible via WPF, *but*, it will probably be harder to set up and less reliable than WP Force Password.

  2. Thanks Jack, Understand. Was just hopeful that wpFusion might react to such a situation… perhaps? it is better to integrate wpF with the wpForcePassword? I got this going anyhow. Thanks!

  3. Hmm. Not sure I fully follow. Keep in mind two things:

    1. WP Fusion can’t actually design or send emails. All it can do is apply a tag in your CRM when something happens.

    2. If you want to apply a tag when WP Force Password expires the password in order to send an email from the CRM, that actually isn’t technically possible because WP Force Password doesn’t expire the password until the user actually tries to log in. There’s no cron or anything.

    With that in mind, we could update this request to be “Add an option to apply a tag to a user to force the reset of their password”.

    *However*, we are not going to get into the business of anything on the frontend.

    So something like “Thanks for logging in, your password is expired, please enter a new one”…. as nice as that would be, it’s way way outside our scope.

    So in this case, you’d apply the tag, and user’s password would simply no longer work. They would then need to request a reset link.

    It would be up to you to either send an email from the CRM when that happens, or add a message to the login page saying “If your password no longer works it’s because we reset everyone’s password every X days”. Otherwise people are going to get frustrated that their passwords keep getting mysteriously reset.

    If you think that would still be valuable despite the limitations and potential for confusion / frustration we can look into adding it as an option. Let me know.

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