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Preview with Multiple Tags at the same time

It's so fantastic that we can Preview with Tags! But sometimes elements on the page require the user to have combinations of tags and even a combination of having some tags and specifically NOT having others. I realise that I can manually give my user account the tags and then refresh on the front end. But it would be SO much faster if I could use your "Preview with Tags" feature and be able to select multiple tags at once

Under Review Category: Core Feature Enhancements Megan Marais shared this idea Updated: July 29, 2022

2 thoughts on “Preview with Multiple Tags at the same time”

  1. Hey Megan, thanks for the suggestion!

    For more complicated testing, we usually recommend the User Switching plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-switching/

    That way you can create a test user with the right role and tags, and then switch to it (we use a private browser tab) to be able to experience the site as that user.

    Doing that is preferable over Preview With Tag since you can be sure that you’re seeing what the user will see.

    For example, Preview With Tag doesn’t accurately trigger automatic enrollments, automatic discounts, popups, and other events that are triggered by tags. It just unlocks content on the current page.

    It also isn’t compatible with data that’s loaded in a separate (AJAX) request, such as search results, multi-page blog listings, or some post grid plugins.

    I will leave this request up in case anyone else has additional input, but at the moment Preview With Tag isn’t a high priority for us since it’s not 100% accurate— switching to a real user account is easier and more reliable.

    For more info check out https://wpfusion.com/documentation/getting-started/access-control/#testing-content-protection

  2. Thanks for your reply and explanation, Jack 🙂 That makes total sense. What you described is already how we test things, but I wasn’t aware of the complexity behind it all (as you so clearly explained). We will continue testing as we have been 🙂 Thanks!

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