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Show post type in redirection fields

In the redirection fields, such as in WPF redirect if no access, I would like to see the post type so I can differenciate which post to redirect to if the same title exists in more than one post type.

For example, in this screenshot, the post title “Makeover Your Instagram Strategy” exists in two different post types – one is the WC Product and one is the LearnDash course. Without seeing the post type it can’t be determined which redirect to select.

WPF - Add post type to redirection post list.

Completed Category: Core Feature Enhancements Norm Sash shared this idea Updated: June 13, 2022

6 thoughts on “Show post type in redirection fields”

  1. Cool! That’s an excellent idea – grouping them :). Better than just showing the post type. Just one more thought… sort the list alphabetically within the group if that’s doable.

  2. Hi Jack…

    Thanks for doing this. Things are looking good, though I do have 1 question. What is the criteria for search query matches? My assumption was the term in the title, however as you see from the screenshot, search for term “makeover” returns results that don’t have that term in the title.


    1. Good question 🙂

      For simplicity’s sake (and a bit of laziness ), it just uses the standard “search” parameter of a WP_Query: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/classes/wp_query/#search-parameters

      If it’s bugging you we could change it, but it is handy in some scenarios. For example we have 6 pages on this site called “Changelog” but I could narrow down the search in the redirect by adding additional keywords from the post body (like, “changelog logins” would bring up our Logins Addon Changelog)

      So, that’s how it works. Open to changing it if you think searching just the title would be more appropriate.

  3. Ah, thanks. So the WP_Query is just the basic keyword search, which should return any post types with the “keyword” in title, content, or file name (I think).

    I’m ok with leaving it that way and see how it goes. It does have it’s advantages in the event that the user does not remember the exact title, but does remember some words in the content.

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