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Tag Usage Reports for Administrators

Would love to have a “tag usage report” or two or three.

Report 1: shows which tags are not in use (not assigned to any user in the system)

Report 2: shows which tags are assigned & approximately where (ie: wooCommerce actions, forms filling, etc…

Report 3: shows which tags are assigned to be used, but not currently assigned anywhere

Report 4: shows each tag with a # of times assigned (count of users), descending.

I can write the SQL for most of these, and display them using wpDataTables, just thought it would be handy to have some administrative reporting in wpFusion.

Workaround (for some of this): use the CRM to segment users with particular tags, or export all users & tags from wordpress and load to a database.

But the one report we need internally is: where are tags assigned and what are they tied to?

These reports would be extremely helpful in “cleaning up unused or unwanted tags”.

Planned Category: Core Feature Enhancements Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: December 12, 2023

2 thoughts on “Tag Usage Reports for Administrators”

  1. This is planned actually, for hopefully Q1 2022:

    We’ll have a system report that includes everywhere you’ve set up WPF, as well as a system scanner, alerts to potential problems (conflicts, essential settings turned off), and the ability to generate a status report + support ticket + TrustedLogin (https://www.trustedlogin.com/) login token.

    The problem is that we can’t really release a “All content” report that only covers half the content, so we need to have it ready out of the gate with support for all 100+ of the plugins we integrate with. Doable but it’s taking time.

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