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Uncanny Groups Subscriptions Support

WP Fusion currently supports tagging groups that are purchased using the LearnDash Group course https://wpfusion.com/documentation/learning-management/uncanny-learndash-groups/

Recently Subscriptions support was added to Uncanny Groups. Would be cool to be able to tag a group based on the subscription similar to how this functionality works.

Completed Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Will MacMillan shared this idea Updated: March 3, 2022

4 thoughts on “Uncanny Groups Subscriptions Support”

  1. Will MacMillan

    Randomly came back here when I searched for this solution! Ha. To elaborate – this would be effectively similar to how the Woocommerce Memberships plugin works with it’s integration.

    1. I meant to look into this and then forgot… ‍♂️

      At the moment, the tags in the box for “Apply tags when a user is added to this group course” are applied whenever a user is invited to a course that is linked to the product (in the License Courses setting).


      That should work regardless of whether the product is sold one-off or as a subscription. Have you tried it?

      Or am I misunderstanding the request? We have other statuses for tags with Woo Memberships (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/membership/woocommerce-memberships), but there are potential performance problems that would come about if we tried to tag every group *member* simultaneously based on changes in the parent subscription status.

  2. Ok. I see what’s going on now.

    This did work before, but it would apply the tags for all the Group Course products *in* the subscription.

    So we’ve just added an extra option to configure tags at the Subscription or Group License level, in addition to the group course products: https://wpfusion.com/documentation/learning-management/uncanny-learndash-groups/#pre-configured-group-license-products-and-subscriptions

    That will be in Monday’s update of WP Fusion, v3.38.45.

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