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use wpFusion without CRM

Would love to use wpFusion without a CRM.
In other words – to tag users, and control content visibility (as a content restriction engine).
Use case: I have a “group” of users that doesn’t change very often, I don’t need e-commerce or sales, or CRM to manage them, but I’m tired of the “old” membership plugins – they are overkill for this. All I need is a simple way to manage the group, and provide content to the group, including menu items, and visibility restrictions. This is a closed group of about 7 to 10 people. They do not need to be managed by CRM.

ALTERNATIVE ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: I *could* manage them with a CRM, BUT I would have to set a *new* administrative setting: ONLY SYNC USERS WITH TAG [ X ] (in other words, only sync the specific users that are tagged as being part of this group). I don’t need or want ALL the users pulled in to the environment and synchronized. Just a small group subset.

Declined Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: June 5, 2020

1 thought on “use wpFusion without CRM”

  1. You can set up WP Fusion using Staging as the CRM, and you can still apply tags and use those tags to control access to content. You do lose the ability to send emails and bulk-edit / tag contact records, but it might do what you’re after.

    You can limit the sync with your CRM to only certain user roles. That is set on the Advanced panel in the WPF settings. I have seen that work well for people with very large user databases that only want to sync people with the Customer role to the CRM. It helps keep your list size down by only tracking the most valuable customers in the CRM.

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