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woocommerce before order finalizes

I have a use-case that I cannot quite figure out… I use wooCommerce, wpFusion, wooCommerce Smart Coupons.

The problem: I have a high value product ($900) that I want to grant for free to attendees of our conference. But, first – they have to have an account on our platform. They need to OPT-IN to get an account and go through the checkout process. So, I give them a “membership coupon” so they can create an account on the platform for free using Woo checkout. This – is where the problem begins….

Use case: I have a need to allow a Smart Coupon to be applied – but ONLY by people in the CRM with a tag in the CRM, that do not have an account on our wordpress platform. I’d like to have wpFusion add a checkbox [ x ] has coupons (any) in CRM only, and [ x ] has coupons (all) in CRM only to the config panel.

I know this slows down the process of checkout, but the functionality I need is:
1. User has no account on our system (yet)
2. User fills in checkout details and adds coupon
3. User clicks CHECKOUT – fire wpFusion
4. wpFusion checks the CRM : does the user have these tags in the CRM? (by email)
5. If YES – then proceed with checkout
6. if NO – then produce an error: sorry, this offer is not available to you. (or something like this).

Without this functionality I have to ask the person to “log in” to use the coupon code.. It’s really difficult to offer a sale to a group of people we have in the CRM, that don’t yet have accounts on our platform.

By the way, our CRM is not like DRIP.com – I can’t embed a javascript link in our site that calls the CRM back to validate tags before granting an account. And because we use Woo with subscriptions, we have to attach a subscription to their account – it’s better the person uses the checkout procedures.

This functionality (as an optional checkbox feature) would be a huge lifesaver.

Just to note: today we’ve lost about $400 in potential revenue from people applying a coupon because their friend send it to them in an email.

Declined Category: Enhanced Ecommerce Dan Linstedt shared this idea Updated: July 20, 2021

3 thoughts on “woocommerce before order finalizes”

    1. Hey Jack, Makes sense – I have a lot of reading to do to figure this out and configure it to work properly. Thanks for looking at this. What would help is: if there was a way to have a step-by-step guide in your knowledge base on how to turn this on, and the impact of configuring it.

      Even if I read all your suggested reading, I’m not convinced I would configure it properly, or understand the impact to the overall site.

  1. Hi Jack,

    They can’t use auto-login-links…. the issue is:
    1. they have a CRM record
    2. they DO NOT have an account on wordpress yet….

    This is why I asked for this functionality. thoughts?

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