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WooCommerce Subscriptions – Tag for Automatic Payment Retries ALL failed

The idea is for a new tag that is applied when all automatic payment retries for a WooCommerce subscription fail. There is currently an option for a payment failing, but not for ALL payments failing.

Basically, if this tag were present, an email campaign could chase payment etc.

I have contacted WooCommerce and no such hook exists in the codebase, however they have shared some code that calculates this based on existing WooCommerce hooks – available here: https://github.com/Prospress/woocommerce-subscriptions-cancel-after-retry

The code above sets a subscription to cancelled when all automatic payments fail, but a minor amendment could change this to do anything – theoretically in WP Fusion it could provide an opportunity to apply a tag.

There is no easy way to do this presently, as monitoring order statuses is difficult due to subscriptions cycling through "pending payment" even when payment is successful. If a tag is set to apply on order "failed", it is applied in too many circumstances and not just when all automatic payments fail.

Completed Category: Plugin Integration Enhancements Dave Adams shared this idea Updated: June 26, 2022

4 thoughts on “WooCommerce Subscriptions – Tag for Automatic Payment Retries ALL failed”

  1. Hey Dave,

    We could consider this…. but it is possible to do this with what we have already. What I’d just do is configure a tag for Payment Failed (https://wpfusion.com/documentation/ecommerce/woocommerce-subscriptions/#product-setup), and then create an automation in the CRM that’s triggered by that tag.

    The automation has a delay for however long your retry cycle is (i.e. 7 days), and then checks to see if they still have the Payment Failed tag. If they do, then you know all retries have failed (because WP Fusion removes the Payment Failed tag after a successful payment).

    I kind of like that better because a.) it works with what we have already and b.) you can quickly check the Payment Failed tag report to see a list of your members who are currently failing or in the retry phase.

    Would that work for you?


    1. Hi Jack,

      I quite like this approach… and hadn’t thought of it!

      The only potential issues I foresee are repeated entries to an automation. I’m not sure how WP Fusion processes the payment failed tag, but does it push the tag to the CRM each time a payment fails, even if the tag already exists for a contact? If so, it would re-start the automation. I could prevent automation restarts, but then if a customer completes a failed payment in say month 1, and then fails payment again in month 4, the chasers wouldn’t work as they have been in that automation before and it wouldn’t restart (I’m using FluentCRM).



      1. WP Fusion won’t reapply a tag if the user already has that tag, so in this case it would just be applied at their first payment failure.

        If they later have a successful payment, the tag will be removed.

        And then if after *that* they have another failed payment (i.e. next month) the tag would be reapplied, and the automation restarted.

        So that sounds like it will work well for what you’re doing. Let me know if that’s enough and we’ll close the request 🙂

        1. Hi Jack,

          Sounds good to me! I’ll give it a go, but I cannot see any reason why it wouldn’t work. Feel free to close.

          Thanks for your thoughts and help with this – cracking support!


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