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Yith WooCommerce Membership

Connect wpfusion with Yith WooCommerce Membership plugin. Since it does have a lot of options that the "WooCommerce Membership" plugin does not.

Under Review Category: Plugin Integrations jkillas shared this idea Updated: January 8, 2021

1 thought on “Yith WooCommerce Membership”

  1. What kind of options does it have that WooCommerce Memberships does not?

    And what level of an integration would you need, specifically?

    The official WooCommerce extensions are generally the best coded, and the most reliable. So that’s where the majority of our effort is going to go.

    However if you need something simple for a YITH plugin (for example “Apply tags when a membership is cancelled”), we could consider adding one or two triggers to help you out.

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