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Zion Builder Integration

Zion Builder Integration https://zionbuilder.io/.

Under Review Category: Plugin Integrations LevelUp Support shared this idea Updated: September 28, 2021

3 thoughts on “Zion Builder Integration”

  1. Add this please, despite any votes. This page builder is like Oxygen Builder, which you have integration for already, but this page builder uses up to date technologies, and while new, it is has a better base than the current builders out there. It’s lighter than all the others at least shown here @ https://oxygen4fun.supadezign.com/wp-charts-comparisons/. I’ve switched from Oxygen to Zion, and left Bricks as well. And is from a successful Envato author @ https://themeforest.net/item/kallyas-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/4091658 … I only say that because I expect that it will be maintained, ZionBuilder that is.

    Ok. Thanks for listening!!! Appreciate it 🙂


    1. Just took a look… there is a filter for element visibility (zionbuilder/element/can_render).

      It’s not clear if there is a way for us to modify the existing visibility settings to include tags: https://i.wpfusion.com/OGkJ71. Perhaps zionbuilder/options/model_parse.

      Their developer docs are pretty sparse.

      We’ll leave this up and see what the interest is like from other users, and if there’s enough we can check it out in more detail. I hadn’t heard of it until this feature request, and some of the code still seems unfinished.

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