Jeremiah Wolfe


I wanted to take a moment to thank the folks at WP Fusion for seeming to buck a current trend in software development…

On my site I, naturally, have a bunch of plugins, just a few of which are absolutely critical (WPF being one). Of those critical plugins, WPF is the only one that I actually trust the updates.

Of course with any software application unforeseen bugs will inevitably appear, but there is a current trend in which developers are more focused on rolling out new, untested features than they are about ensuring a stable product.

Two of the plugins I use, which are critical to the function of my site, constantly roll out updates which seem completely untested and leave a path of broken websites in their wake (for those who were foolish enough to update).

Now this isn’t new of course, such things have always happened (particularly when the Sales dept has too much power over the Engineering dept) the difference is that while this was, in the past, considered a negative, today it is wholly embraced as a valid business strategy. (There’s a name for this development model -where you release beta software as production and allow your user base to do your testing for you- but the name escapes me.)

Anyway thank you to the WPF team for actually testing your releases and supporting your customers. It’s a surprisingly rare trait.