WooCommerce Zapier Alternative (WP Fusion = deep integration with Woo, plugins, and CRMs)

WP Fusion is a WooCommerce Zapier alternative with deep integrations and add-ons for CRMs and marketing platforms. Connect WooCommerce to tools you use daily.

Simple digital recipes can keep your order tracking spreadsheet current or update a customer’s mailing address. For basic record-keeping and auto-syncing tasks like that, there are umpteen trigger-then-action Zapier automations you can set up. Your company runs on more than the basics, though. The data you collect means something, so long as you can make it work for you. To do that, you’ll need a sophisticated tool like WP Fusion, which is a richer WooCommerce Zapier alternative.

A Quick Overview of WP Fusion, a WooCommerce Zapier Alternative

WP Fusion has deep integrations and add-on tools for WooCommerce, as well as other WordPress plugins, CRMs and marketing platforms.

Both Zapier and WP Fusion are tools that connect other web services that don’t normally “talk” to each other or that have limitations when they do connect. Zapier and WP Fusion are both third party web services that connect two tools that don’t normally “talk” to each other or that have limitations when they do connect. The difference between the two is that while Zapier offers basic integrations, WP Fusion has all the power that Zapier lacks.

Zapier customers tend to get frustrated with its limitations and eventually switch to WP Fusion. Since WP Fusion can do everything Zapier does plus a lot more, it’s more efficient to start off by using the tool that can get it all done.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to use WP Fusion, and you can integrate your WordPress website and WooCommerce plugins with WP Fusion and other services you use every day, like ActiveCampaign and Drip.

With WP Fusion, your data is sent directly into the platform you’re working with. This is a lot more efficient and secure than Zapier, which processes data through their platform and at intervals based on your plan instead of directly and instantly. Data security is ever-more important, and WP Fusion makes sure your tools are talking directly to each other.

Plus, with Zapier you’ll need to pay monthly – whilst WP Fusion does everything for no monthly fee.

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Why You Need a WooCommerce Zapier Alternative

Zapier connects with WooCommerce and other web services, offering thousands of ways to automate your work and improve productivity. Zapier can perform an action when any of these triggers occur:

  • Customer registers for an account or creates a subscription
  • Payment for a new order is received
  • Addition of a new line item in an order
  • Status of a WooCommerce order or subscription changes
  • Subscription renewal payment succeeds or fails

Once those triggers take place, here are a few examples of what Zapier can do:

  • Add new customers to your ActiveCampaign contacts
  • Create delivery or pick-up tasks for your shipping service
  • Generate QuickBooks Online sales receipts from orders
  • Post new orders to Slack for other team members to see
  • Save new WooCommerce orders to rows in Google Sheets
  • Start a new Trello card from an order

At first, that all sounds pretty good – Zapier can integrate with WooCommerce and take care of a lot of digital housekeeping. But WP Fusion can do these things while also integrating more deeply to carry out higher-level tasks.

As a WooCommerce Zapier alternative, WP Fusion can connect your shop with accounting, CRM and marketing tools to do things like view historical order information, add customized tags to contacts and send transactional messages. Furthermore, Zapier limits the number of Zaps you can run based on your chosen plan. With WP Fusion, you’re able to transfer as much data as you need to.

How WP Fusion Works With WooCommerce

WP Fusion has a number of WooCommerce integrations and add-ons that connect deeply with your CRM, email and marketing platforms. If you use tools like ActiveCampaign, Drip and Ontraport, this WooCommerce Zapier alternative has extensive options to get more out of your customer relationship, marketing and sales efforts. To start, let’s go over the basic WooCommerce extensions. With the classic WooCommerce integration, you can:

  • Add customers to your CRM when they buy from your shop
  • Tag customers based on their purchases
  • Auto-apply coupons based on tags
  • Track coupon code usage
  • Restrict access to certain products
  • Set automatic tags for when a specific item is purchased or refunded, or if the transaction fails

In general, the many tagging functions in this WooCommerce Zapier alternative make it possible to categorize, sort and search for contacts based on any number of characteristics. You can also influence how people buy from your WooCommerce store thanks to the Product Availability feature. Restrict certain customers from buying products unless they add it as an add-on (instead of an individual purchase). This gives you more control over cross-selling and up-selling.

In addition to the classic WooCommerce integration, there are other, more targeted integrations:

  • WooCommerce Deposits: Tag customers when they pay a deposit
  • WooCommerce Memberships: Add tags based on membership status; automate enrollment to different membership levels by using tags
  • WooCommerce Product Addons: Collect additional WooCommerce data from customers about their preferred product features, like colors, engravings, sizes and other personalizations; sync attributes to fields in your CRM
  • WooCommerce Smart Coupons: Sync auto-generated coupon codes to contacts in your CRM
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: This works similarly to the classic WooCommerce integration when it comes to tagging subscribers once they make a purchase and helping you collect subscription data

The WooCommerce Zapier alternative WP Fusion connects with dozens of CRM and marketing tools, like ActiveCampaign, Drip, HubSpot and Ontraport. Next, we’ll go over how WP Fusion connects to a few of those tools and how those integrations compare to Zapier.

Connect WooCommerce to ActiveCampaign with WP Fusion

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing tool that manages your mailing list. This is one of the many email marketing platforms and CRMs WP Fusion integrates with. With the WooCommerce integration, customers are synced to ActiveCampaign in real-time. You can segment customers by all sorts of variables, like the products they purchased, their lead source or coupons they’ve used. By enabling the Deep Data API, in-depth customer information will be added to each contact’s record. You’ll be able to view all of the products purchased and orders placed, as well as the customer’s lifetime value.

When you know so much about your customers, you can send them targeted emails. Follow up with them about their latest order or tell them about new products you know they’ll be interested in based on order history. Send them a special coupon code on their birthday and customize discounts specifically to them. By using the Ecommerce Addon, you can create deals and save details to matching customers.

WP Fusion also lets you connect with customers who’ve abandoned their carts, then choose where the customer will be taken when they click the recovery link.

Now that you know how powerfully WP Fusion connects WooCommerce with ActiveCampaign, let’s see if a Zapier account can match performance.

Connecting WooCommerce to ActiveCampaign: WP Fusion vs. Zapier

At first glance, it looks like the Zapier integration lets you do a decent amount with WooCommerce and ActiveCampaign:

  • Create or update a contact
  • Find a contact by email address
  • Create or update an account
  • Add a contact to any automation
  • Add a note to a contact
  • Create or update a deal
  • Add a note to a deal
  • Create and send a campaign
  • Create a tracked event

However, while there are a number of actions Zapier can carry out, they’re all basic. You can’t access the deep data that WP Fusion displays, and you don’t get the abandoned cart or deals tools, either.

Connect WooCommerce to Drip with WP Fusion

Drip is an eCommerce CRM that helps online businesses improve their marketing efforts. Built-in tools track conversions, customer lifetime value, sales performance and abandoned carts. With the WP Fusion integration for WooCommerce, categorizing and tagging subscribers will be handled for you. When a new customer makes a purchase, their information will be added to Drip and organized in custom fields. By editing your products, you can configure which tags will be applied to customers during checkout.

There are enhanced Drip integration options, too. For example, the Ecommerce Addon lets you sync additional information with Drip, like which products a customer purchased and any discounts that were applied. That information will become part of your Drip sales data, which can be viewed in detailed reports and used when developing new automations.

With Drip Abandoned Cart Tracking, you can use the Shopper Activity API to find out who has abandoned their cart. You can then trigger an automatic workflow based on activity and follow up with the customer to push them to buy. In the screenshots below, you’ll see a workflow that can trigger after someone creates or updates a cart but doesn’t place an order. Then, you’ll see an example of a sales email created with Drip that encourages the person to make a purchase from a WooCommerce store by showing the exact item they’ve added to their cart.

The Shopper Activity API is WP Fusion’s default order data API. Note that you can still use Orders API if that’s more compatible with your integration. The Shopper Activity API can carry out a number of tasks, including:

  • Add raw order data to the customer’s activity log
  • Use product purchase data in segments
  • Send order details in emails
  • View revenue metrics in reports
  • Update a customer’s lifetime value

There’s a lot that WP Fusion can do when connecting WooCommerce with Drip. In contrast, Zapier has few capabilities with this integration, and they’re all light.

Connecting WooCommerce to Drip: WP Fusion vs. Zapier

Here’s what Zapier can do when connecting WooCommerce with Drip:

  • Create or update a subscriber
  • Add or remove a tag from a subscriber
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe someone from a campaign
  • Create an event when a subscriber performs a certain action

Aside from basic contact organization, Zapier doesn’t do much with the WooCommerce and Drip integration. WP Fusion gives you the same tagging features and also helps you collect rich sales data and increase sales from abandoned carts.

Connect WooCommerce to Ontraport with WP Fusion

Ontraport is an all-in-one CRM and marketing platform that helps teams attract leads and close sales. With the Ecommerce Addon from this WooCommerce Zapier alternative, you can send customer data from transactions to Ontraport. Like with the other WooCommerce integrations mentioned, you can also keep track of each customer’s purchase history:

The most interesting and in-depth feature of this integration, though, has to do with how pricing is reported. There are two options for sending pricing information to Ontraport:

  1. Let Ontraport calculate the total in your currency based on the currency that the buyer used. For example, if the buyer paid in pounds but your currency is dollars, Ontraport will calculate the exchange rate and report the total in dollars.
  2. Keep the product price exactly the same numerically. For example, 100 pounds will become 100 dollars.

It’s also important to note that the Ontraport integration has an abandoned cart tool:

WP Fusion has a few unique and advanced features when connecting WooCommerce with Ontraport. How does Zapier stack up?

Connecting WooCommerce to Ontraport: WP Fusion vs. Zapier

When you use Zapier to connect WooCommerce with Ontraport, the only action that can be carried out is creating or updating a contact. The contact can be updated when any of these triggers occur:

  • New order or subscription
  • Line item is added to an order
  • Subscription or order status change
  • Subscription renewal succeeds or fails

With so few actions that can be carried out, Zapier’s WooCommerce and Ontraport integration is possibly the most disappointing on this list. And it’s clearly missing the rich pricing options and abandoned cart feature that WP Fusion’s integration has.

Final Thoughts on Using WP Fusion as a WooCommerce Zapier Alternative

You rely on business tools to get all of your work done for you so that you can focus on upper-tier tasks. When you can make those tools work harder and smarter, you’re able to gather deep data that’s truly useful. WP Fusion can grow with you as your business thrives.

The digital recipes you use should range from the super basic to the much more in-depth. If there’s a program available to help you automate even your more advanced CRM, marketing and sales processes, why wouldn’t you want to use it?

WP Fusion is able to keep your contacts and records up-to-date, but it goes so far beyond that. By integrating deeply with the platforms you depend on, you’re able to do things like automatically send coupons, manage cross-selling and up-selling, remember a customer’s favorite product attributes and send targeted messages and emails to close sales you wouldn’t otherwise get.

WP Fusion

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Buy WP Fusion today to start making the most out of every interaction your customers have with your brand.

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