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Truly outstanding support. The reviews before me got it right on. I was using customerhub for 2 years and then tried imember360 to sell my online courses and decided I will give this a try and wow way better. Had a small bug which was fixed within an hour by the developer and then when i saw the support I hired him to transfer all my customerhub stuff to this new platform which works seamlessly with learndash an industry standard app for online course distribution.

I highly recommend this app for its functionality, cost effectiveness but above all else support which I have not seen at this level with most of the apps on this marketplace.

Alain Jean-Baptiste

WP Fusion is a LIFESAVER for membership sites. I've literally spent over 20 hours trying to use other membership solutions like Memberpress and Restrict Content Pro, but integrating with ActiveCampaign, setting up recurring payments via Paypal and syncing with custom Ultimate Member profiles made me want to give up on the project because it was so complicated with those other tools. WP Fusion was my last shot, since I'd already purchased and refunded 3 different services. Boy was I happy that I went for it! Super easy to set up and link, and their tagging system takes full advantage of Active Campaign's features (something that other membership solutions don't offer, which is a waste because that's the whole reason I'm using AC!).

THANK YOU WP Fusion for creating such an easy to use and effective tool that integrates with literally EVERYTHING that I need. You guys really thought of everything when you made this.

If you're looking to simplify your membership site, I highly recommend WP Fusion + Woocommerce Subscriptions, which I've come to the conclusion is the absolute best and easiest solution.

Kelsey Specter
Nomad Moguls

WP Fusion builds a critical bridge between our WooCommerce powered ecommerce site and LifterLMS powered training site to our CRM Active Campaign. It was easy to set up. The technical support is above and beyond anything I've ever seen. What it does is clearly intelligently designed and well built.

Chris Badgett

I sell online courses while pursuing my full time career as a filmmaker. I don't have time to fix things and I need my business to be as automated as possible. I initially thought WP Fusion was pricy but after putting it in motion with Agile CRM and then Drip it was the best thing ever. Using LearnDash, Gravity Forms, and WooCommerce I need to get all the info in the same place and monitor my students so I know where they are in the courses.

Great product and awesome support team.

Maximus University

Here's my biggest Tip for everyone here...

Invest in WP Fusion.

I can't count the number of times I see the same issues we faced when setting up and launching our platform with LearnDash (and BuddyBoss).

I tried to find the answers from both platforms respectfully and they were dead ends. I don't know how these two platforms got so big with the amount of nuances and issues that plague them, but what I do know is that WP Fusion solved all of our issues. The difference is also in their support. Not to knock BuddyBoss support (but definitely intend to knock LearnDash support), but their responses were often unhelpful in that they offered little to no insight into the causation of the issues or simply couldn't provide an answer, or, and it's my favorite, outright said it wasn't possible.

WP Fusion's tagging system makes everything possible and supercharges your ability to granularly control access to content.

New update that inadvertently gave everyone access to your courses? Wouldn't have happened if they were all tagged in your CRM.

Purchasing one course under a group providing free access to the rest of the courses under that group? Not if it's tagged it won't.

Need to figure out a clever way to provide access to a course to users to beta test it before providing everyone on the platform access? Simple.

If you would call the LearnDash that's packaged just as is when you install it "LearnDash 1.0," WP Fusion turns it into "LearnDash 2.0." It feels like a completely different product. A complete product, dare I say. You're truly in the pilot seat and are your own master with WP Fusion.

Jack Arturo and co. over at WP Fusion are phenomenal. Their pre-sales responses and the ones I receive from them on a weekly basis, as I nag them, are truly professional, thorough and informative. Not only do they provide an exact solution, regardless of how much time it requires, they provide the why, when, where and how. The response I received from them pre-sale was 90% of the reason I invested in the platform (okay, and because we REALLY needed a solution to the persistent headache that are the issues with LD).

I'm not affiliated with WP Fusion. I gain absolutely NOTHING by posting this here. Though what I would like to get from this post is the peace of mind that this helps even just one person avoid the many trials and tribulations that we faced when setting up our own site pre-WP Fusion.

I wouldn't consider myself an expert on the product, but if anyone has any questions, I'll try to answer them as best as possible, and I would strongly encourage you to reach out to their support team, pre-sale, with any questions you may have and see the level of professionalism and quality their support provides, even when you haven't given them a dime.

P.S. I know I focus on solely LearnDash in this post, but WP Fusion's tagging system works with a ton of other things too, so check out their integrations list and you might get even more mileage from it!

Matthew Johnson

With all the possible plugins & apps these days, I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who absolutely dreads integrating them. Jack and WP Fusion have been absolutely "Heaven-Sent". From my perspective, their focus on me having a positive client experience is what truly stands out. I've never gotten frustrated when setting up my integrations because Jack and his team has always been there. If you're considering WP Fusion, stop considering and start taking action today (so that you can finally put your project behind you). You'll be glad you did.

TR Garland
LinkedIn Special Report

After struggling with other methods to integrate our client's website with Ontraport, the WP Fusion plugin solved the problem easily. More importantly, their customer support has always been prompt and goes above and beyond what we need done.

Perry Mann
Mann & Co. Inc.

Amazing support! I have worked on and off with implementing features in my site that communicate with infusionsoft and WP Fusion has been there for me every step of the way! They have researched and walked through each problem with me and never turned me away or given me a cop out answer. I have to say for this reason alone I would choose them over many of the other alternatives!

Peter Meinders

Ever since we've been focusing on good CRO, we've been struggling to find a good way to create good automation in WordPress.

Drip offers beautiful workflows when it comes to email triggered actions, but now that we can actually use WordPress-based triggers, we can now take conversion rate optimization to a whole new level.

Automation in WordPress has long been the missing link, and now, thanks to WP Fusion, that loop is closed.

This is truly a game-changer for those who truly want to optimize their online business.


Awesome Plugin - Amazing support When I started using Infusionsoft I had planned to integrate with my WordPress site. I looked at some older WP-Infusionsoft integration solutions but was surprised at the low quality of the product and their website and support systems. I was also very concerned about locking myself into yet another subscription just to get my site working how I wanted.

Sooo, glad I waited and found WP Fusion - This plugin ticks all the boxes. Affordable, once-off purchase with a developer option Modern plugin and online presence with active support forum Integrates with many powerful WordPress plugins and frameworks to create a truly custom solution for your needs Fast loading (doesn't poll infusionsoft's servers with every page load like some IS plugins) Amazing support - I'm using it to build a membership site with an LMS using LearnDash.

Not only is there active development on the tools I'm using - twice I've asked about something I needed my site to do and the developer has built the integration to make it work. To summarize - the team behind WP Fusion are serious about making this the best WP - IS integration plugin.

Dallas McMillan

We use WP Fusion to help us keep over 100,000 customers scored and synced over more than 12 site archives. It is a robust tool that we have found to only be limited by our imagination. Jack and his team go above and beyond to support or implement changes and we could not be happier!

Griffin Stewart

I use WP Fusion with ActiveCampaign and absolutely LOVE it.

I'm not a noob either. I say I love WP Fusion having spent the last 8yrs working solely on building memberships and subscription websites using most of the top rated WP membership plugins on the market.

Running a "membership" based off of assigned tags coming from AC is just insanely powerful and at the same time incredibly simple.

Highly, highly recommend it 🙂

Steve Dimmick

Jack and the WP Fusion team are simply amazing. They are constantly developing solutions to problems I didn't even know I had. In the few cases I needed support, they were there with out of the box answers that always fit the bill. In one case, they even wrote a custom integration just for little old me! If you are on the fence about going with WP Fusion, now is the time to hop off. WP Fusion makes my life 400% easier and has transformed my customers experience.

Jason Abraham

I'm very critical of the software I use and am extremely careful of the plugins I use. WP Fusion is hands down one of the most helpful plugins I have ever come across. It does everything I need, and it just works.

Have zero fear in using this plugin, it is outstanding.

Jeremy Alexander

This infusion integration helped link our system with the powerful benefits of Infusionsoft. We saved time and money by utilizing this plugin. Simple setup, super affordable and VERY BENEFICIAL. We had been using a similar product which had some costly snags which made us feel vulnerable. Plus I couldn't change the design. WP FUSION has been just what we are looking for and saved me hours of development cost I was able to put toward other needed elements of our site.

Thank you WP FUSION team!!

Stephen David

WP Fusion is the glue between your email list and the tools you depend upon. It fills in the missing features in my LMS and Membership software and allows me to trigger events even when other tools don't let me. Without WP Fusion, I couldn't serve my members like I do, with WP Fusion, my finger is on the pulse!

Darryl Burling
Master New Testament Greek

Jack & Ace have been phenomenal. We recently had a production emergency, Jack jumped in right away and spent a few hours with me troubleshooting. Luckily with his help, I spotted the issues we had (sure enough it was our code not his) that caused the problem!

Jack and team went out of their way to help in a time of need. I am consistently impressed with the support, as well as WP Fusion product - just how solid it is.

Thank you Jack & Ace for such an incredible customer experience!

Dan Linstedt, CEO DataVaultAlliance.com

Dan Linstedt

WP Fusion is one of my secret weapons for getting WordPress to keep our member's data synced with our CRM. This makes everything work so much better when you don't have to worry about your members having issues login into the member's area.

I really appreciate Jack and the whole team at WP Fusion. If you have or are considering having a membership website using WordPress this plugin is a must-have. It will save you hours of time and frustration.

Greg Russell
SuccessTeam Marketing

Are you looking for another way to add membership functionality and elevate your customers’ experience by leveraging site visitor and CRM data? If so, let me introduce you to why WP Fusion just might be your next best plug-in.

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Shawn Bradshaw
Your Marketing Automation

I absolutely love WP fusion. I have been using it for several years now and it gives me the power I need to avoid lack luster all in one systems.

The strength of WP fusion to me is the stability. It always works. Awesome testament to your team and your growth plan.

Feel free to use my comments if you ever need more testimonials. I firmly believe in the product. I think it’s fantastic. If more people had a vision for how WP could connect with other providers. It seems peoples imaginations are too small sometimes for WP fusion.

Dave Shrein
The Blocks Agency


I wanted to take a moment to thank the folks at WP Fusion for seeming to buck a current trend in software development...

On my site I, naturally, have a bunch of plugins, just a few of which are absolutely critical (WPF being one). Of those critical plugins, WPF is the only one that I actually trust the updates.

Of course with any software application unforeseen bugs will inevitably appear, but there is a current trend in which developers are more focused on rolling out new, untested features than they are about ensuring a stable product.

Two of the plugins I use, which are critical to the function of my site, constantly roll out updates which seem completely untested and leave a path of broken websites in their wake (for those who were foolish enough to update).

Now this isn't new of course, such things have always happened (particularly when the Sales dept has too much power over the Engineering dept) the difference is that while this was, in the past, considered a negative, today it is wholly embraced as a valid business strategy. (There's a name for this development model -where you release beta software as production and allow your user base to do your testing for you- but the name escapes me.)

Anyway thank you to the WPF team for actually testing your releases and supporting your customers. It's a surprisingly rare trait.


Jeremiah Wolfe
Therapeutic Journeys, LLC

WP Fusion is FANTASTIC! It is very powerful and also very intuitive. I was able to build several very sophisticated integrations my very first day using the program. Thanks to WP Fusion, my membership site and CRM are in perfect sync, a task that used to take me hours to reconcile every month.

Steve Rosenbaum

Super happy with this plugin! As one that helped start the Infusionsoft partner program back in 2008 who has used WordPress for many years, I've been looking for this functionality for a long time. We've developed custom functionality at a much greater expense that does less than WP Fusion.

This plugin fills a major hole in the WordPress ecosystem. There are great tools that integrate in various ways to Infusionsoft like Gravity Forms (form builder) and Memberium (full fledged membership platform). But there hasn't anything in between that provides a great integration with Infusionsoft and isn't a significant on-going monthly expense.

WP Fusion does provide great integration between WordPress and Infusionsoft and gives you membership capabilities for a set (very reasonable) price. It also integrates easily with LearnDash (one of the consensus picks for a WP / Infusionsoft, eLearning solution). Integrate your site with Infusionsoft, take purchases on the WordPress side or Infusionsoft side, link up user accounts, create user accounts, control access to courses, pages, etc. without the need for code. Support has been great as well!

Nothing but good things to say about WP Fusion.

Chris Lee

After searching for a lot of products online, finally solved my issue of connecting sendfox to elementor. Exactly what I needed and it's lightweight and easy to configure. Highly recommend it to anyone who needs a WordPress integration plugin.

Shivam Sharma

I got this set up on my site. It was REALLY easy to install. The longest wait was just getting my IS app to sync data because I have so many tags... It's really easy to tag specific pages of my site to be locked or open to members. My favorite thing is how I can redirect new potential customers away from the actual membership content pages, so they see a sales page if they have not purchased.

WishList Member has a feature **similar** to this, but (1) I've always found that it was really unattractive and I couldn't change the style or design of the WL Member redirect pages at all, and (2) WL Member does give me all of this flexibility about WHICH page to send people to...

The options are unlimited with WP Fusion! I'm looking forward to totally revamping all of my opt in gifts so that they are protected by WP Fusion as well, since now a lot of my download pages are exposed URL's that get shared and spread around. I think that'll help my list grow!

Jamie Miller
English Success Academy

First of all, this plugin is key to my company's success. If it wasn't for Jack's amazing support, and the code that powers this, I don't know how we would have achieved what we have achieved. We use this every day, and will continue to use it for the rest of our company's existence.

I have reached out to Jack on a few occasions to ask for help, and he's always answered within 24 hours.

Highly recommended plugin if you use Woocommerce and WordPress.

Brandon Shutter

WP Fusion is a paradigm shift in terms of the way membership sites can work. Here's why: through the power of tagging, your email marketing service can manage the business rules that steer the flow of content protection and drip/delayed content. By syncing those tags with your WordPress installation, your site isn't held to a performance-related ransom. As a conduit that integrates membership, LMS, Ecommerce, forum, and other plugins, WP Fusion can remove the potential for product lock-in. Want to replace that membership plugin with a different one? Go ahead. You won't need to go through your entire site to replace their shortcodes or meta box options. Want to let your Ecommerce plugin handle member details, registration, etc? You can do that too. Support is pretty good as well 🙂 If you haven't tried WP Fusion, do it now. Seriously.

Erik D. Slater
Digital Platform Consultant

WP Fusion allows us to provide tailored customer experiences in WordPress that wow every time.

Hundreds of plugins that used to be one size fits all, can now perform differently for each Ontraport contact. For example, a low scoring Ontraport contact can be presented with a winback customer journey in WordPress.

This has allowed our clients to increase customer engagement and retention. Jack is a world class developer who treats each customer like a king. It's the only solution that should be considered for any WordPress integration.

Josh Schleifer
Triple Canopy

Ok, so…WP Fusion is an amazing tool. I would say a pivotal, central part of our membership site. I'll just point out that when I discovered WPF I had already paid for lifetime support on a competing product. The other one was great, but this is just so much more flexible and I'm so glad I went this route. I am honestly happy to pay Jack and his team every year.

A word about support. Never have I experienced such a dedicated service. Jack is very much open to new feature suggestions, and unlike other developers, who might stash the idea for another, never-to-come, day, he often has it ready in a matter of days. It's amazing. I've been more than happy with WPF. Best plugin I ever spent money on, by a country mile!

Marlon Sabala
Portuguese With Carla

Alright so let’s cut to the chase:

If you have a CRM (e.g. ActiveCampaign) and a WordPress site on which you want to offer a better customer experience

…then save yourself some time and just download this plugin now.

Especially if you have a membership site (e.g. Memberpress/Buddyboss/etc).

To be honest, if we’d discovered this plugin before, it would have saved us 100+ hours of manual javascript, shady third-party WordPress plugins, unnecessarily complex CRM automations, webhook patches and other duct-tape solutions we had to come up with to reliably pass and synchronize our customer base information from our CRM to our Website, and vice versa.

Connecting your customer data to your site is the only way to create a customized and delightful customer experience online.

And WPFusion makes it all look deceptively simple (especially when you’ve done all-nighters trying to custom code stuff and you know how complex it can be… and you see that this plugin offers it all out of the box).

Plus the founder is super transparent regarding how he operates, and his vision.

So in terms of functionality, number of integrations, compatibility, security best practices, momentum of feature releases (just checkout their change log and you’ll see what I mean), code quality and even the support…

…this really is a gem of a plugin 💎

Highly recommended.

Dan Benoni

I was working on fixing someone else's code issues when I decided that since my company was going to a WordPress platform anyway I was going to start moving the site to WordPress and start over. That is when I came across WP Fusion.

It has not only excelled my process in setting up our company services, they have helped with anything and everything along the way (even to the point of adding features for my benefit).

If you have a WordPress website and you use Infusionsoft drop the built in forms and pick up WP Fusion there is SO MUCH more you can do.

Andrew Haberman
Express Modular

One of the best customer services experiences I have had in a long time. Jack is a very knowledgable guy who understands the WordPress and Infusionsoft ecosystem. He was very available to answer any questions I had. We have a unique set-up and to work with and Jack quickly understood our situation and overall business needs. I will recommend WP Fusion to all my fellow Infusionsoft using friends.

Bryan Holladay

By far the most amazing back up you could ever ask for, it is like you have Jack in your back pocket and he is there to hold your hand or 'fix' an issue you might have, not that there is any setting this up. Generally the issues are down to my lack of knowledge in WP and website construction.

Setting up and working with WP fusion is a dream come true, I have tried a lot of different plug in up to this point, but WP fusion talks to Infusion soft perfectly, the tags are my life right now, and I have full control over every post and page through them.

For a control freak like me this is heaven. Worth every penny.

Sam Biddle

There are several solutions out there to integrate WordPress with Infusionsoft. I chose WP Fusion for a few reasons. The first is the ability auto-login someone from an email so I can track their activity to see how engaged they are. The 2nd reason is the pricing model. Instead of paying a monthly, these guys do yearly and depending on the plan you can do unlimited sites. This made much more sense to me. If you are looking to integrate your CRM with WordPress, give this a look. I think you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

Austin Brooks
981 Media

WP Fusion takes an extremely complicated task and makes it simple. As a non-technical user I've been able to completely change the flows and content personalization on our site. This has culminated in a vastly improved UX, substantial automation and better use and adoption of our CRM. We can also now measure conversion rates at every stage and they are substantially higher.

As a Product Owner it's saved me a great deal of time in creating requirements docs and allowed me to enact my vision straight into a working solution. We skipped the requirements and the prototyping stage as it was production ready immediately.

I've only been working with WordPress for about 3 months and this simply couldn't have been achieved without the excellent support provided by the WP Fusion team.

The product is also extremely well documented and covers not only the technical instructions in a clear and idiot proof form but also best practice to future proof your design.

If you are trialling the lightweight product make sure you check the character limits on the fields you want to map to in your CRM and you should see excellent results.

I'd thoroughly recommend the full product and the team behind it.

Thomas W.

I purchased this plugin after testing other membership options to link Infusionsoft and WordPress. What instantly stood out was the ease to setup. Done in seconds and the friendly UI makes creating a membership website so simple.

It's a lightweight plugin that does not bloat the system or connect constantly to the Infusionsoft API which gives me greater loading times and a serious level of functionality to help me take my business to the next level. I've already purchased an additional 3 licences for clients sites and always recommend this as my go to membership plugin between IS and WP.

Steve Woody
Online Mastery

WP Fusion has been a complete game changer for me. On the surface, WP Fusion's functionality seems rather simple. But, when you dig deeper this whole new level of integration becomes possible. While I know that it's WordPress with a user-registration plugin, an e-commerce plugin, a CRM plugin, and a scheduling plugin, my clients and visitors have the experience of a seamlessly integrated platform. Amazing!

Jeremiah Wolfe
Therapeutic Journeys, LLC

WP Fusion elegantly solves a problem I've been manually working around for years. It's already saved me a tremendous amount of time and headache, and helped to streamline our operations by keeping our CRM and WordPress users synced. One of those premium plugins that is more than worth it!

Fit Approach

Absolutely, the best support I've ever received for a premium plugin. Jack and his team are incredible at seeking to understand the real issue. They're open to feedback about the plugin and always want to make it the best out there. Even when I was using it wrong, they coached me on better ways to use it. And when I got stuck because a feature was missing, they identified a way to make it work.

By far the best investment in making sure my clients have the most incredible experience on our site.

I can't say enough about the level of support I've received. WP Fusion will always be a part of my tech stack.

Ryan Englin
Core Matters

If you manage your membership site with willful ignorance then stay FAR AWAY from WP Fusion... because it immediately reveals HOW effective your content is, WHO is and isn't using your website, and WHAT you need to do next to engage your audience. By using WP Fusion to sync and update my database of members I'm able to send relevant emails on a consistent basis and move users from free accounts to paid upgrades – even triggering my automated email sequences. It's truly amazing.

Ryan Clover
Ryan Clover Designs