Recommended Tools

WP Fusion works with over 200 different plugins and marketing automation tools. Deciding which to use can be overwhelming.

Here are our picks for the best plugins and tools to use with WP Fusion.

CRM / Marketing automation

Basic: Brevo

Brevo offers a very capable CRM and autoresponder solution, with prices based on email sends, not list size (free up to 300 emails a day). With workflow automations, SMS marketing, live chat, and a landing page builder— Brevo is a great choice for a business who needs marketing automation on a budget. See our review for screenshots and more details.

Midrange: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has everything you need in a marketing automation tool. With plans (for 5,000 contacts) starting at $79 / mo., ActiveCampaign is reasonably priced for the features it includes— including landing pages, Facebook custom audiences, ecommerce reporting, abandoned cart and cart recovery tools, and a powerful automation builder. See our review for screenshots and more details.

Midrange: Omnisend

Omisend is a powerful, easy-to-use marketing automation provider that focuses on omni-channel marketing (email, SMS, and push notification). They are one of the few platforms we support that actively supports the WordPress community, and they have a native integration with WooCommerce on all plans.

See our Omnisend review for screenshots and more details.

Cadillac: HubSpot

HubSpot Marketing Hub takes all the automation capabilities of ActiveCampaign and builds on that with a robust sales CRM, dozens of third-party workflow integrations, rock solid uptime, and unbeatable support. It’s not cheap— marketing automations plans start at $800 / mo., but you get what you pay for. HubSpot is probably the most powerful and flexible marketing automation platform supported by WP Fusion.



The gold standard for ecommerce in WordPress is WooCommerce. It has the biggest ecosystem of extensions and almost all themes are designed to be compatible. WP Fusion has a tight integration with WooCommerce for syncing customers with your CRM.

For membership sites, we recommend WooCommerce Subscriptions, which allows you to take recurring payments. WP Fusion can then apply tags in your CRM based on a customer’s subscription status, and those tags can be used to control access to content.

Barn2 Plugins

There are hundreds of WooCommerce addons out there, but quality can be hit-or-miss. We’ve worked closely with Barn2 Plugins for many years and they’re our top pick for WooCommerce addons.
Their Document Library Pro plugin is also a great way to organize and secure documents, especially on membership sites.


If you’re looking for a WooCommerce alternative that’s simple to set up, has attractive checkout pages, and doesn’t require purchasing a bunch of paid addons, we recommend SureCart. For more information, check out our SureCart review.



BuddyPress is the grandfather of community plugins for WordPress, but it can be hard to set up and requires a lot of customization. Theme compatibility is hit or miss. BuddyBoss is a fork of BuddyPress with all the best features rolled into one plugin, and designed to look fantastic on the BuddyBoss Theme.

Plus, they have an app for iOS and Android so your members can take your community on the go. And of course WP Fusion’s BuddyBoss module offers dozens of integration points for syncing BuddyBoss data with your CRM.

Paid Memberships Pro

Out of all the all-in-one membership plugins, our favorite is Paid Memberships Pro. It’s got a great set of features, the team behind it and support is great, and WP Fusion’s integration is comprehensive and well-tested.

If you’re looking for a single plugin to get you started with membership levels and taking recurring payments (and don’t want to mess around with WooCommerce), Paid Memberships Pro is a great choice.


Gamipress is hands-down the best option these days for “gamifying” your membership or community site. With dozens of addons and extensions, it’s super customizable. We especially like using the WooCommerce points gateway or WooCommerce discounts extensions to make free / discounted merchandise buyable using earned points. And of course WP Fusion keeps all your badges, achievements, and points in sync bidirectionally with your connected marketing automation platform.

Learning Management


Our top pick for building online courses is LifterLMS because it lets you build, design, and sell your courses and memberships all within a single plugin.

We’ve worked closely with the LifterLMS team for over ten years, and WP Fusion’s integration with LifterLMS is one of the most feature-rich of all the plugins we support.

LifterLMS’s SkyPilot theme is a modern, block-friendly theme that lets you get up and running quickly with a beautiful learning experience for your students. 


LearnDash is one of the most popular integrations among WP Fusion customers, and we also provide a ton of features for protecting your course content and tracking student progress in your CRM.

Forms and lead generation

Gravity Forms

After 15 years in business, Gravity Forms is still our first pick for form plugins. It’s super intuitive, developer-friendly, and has the widest ecosystem of extensions. 


Where Gravity Forms is a tool for collecting form entries, GravityKit is our recommended solution for working with form entries. 

Using GravityView you can display your form entries in listings, tables, and directories. GravityCharts can build charts using your Gravity Forms data. And GravityCalendar lets you build calendars using form entries.


Popup Maker

We think Popup Maker is the best solution for making popups and optin forms with WordPress. It’s infinitely configurable, works with any theme, and is backed by an awesome team.

Better Notifications for WP

Better Notifications for WP does what it says in the name. It lets you fully customize any of the system emails sent by WordPress. We recommend this plugin for optimizing your registration / account recovery emails, as well as customizing and branding the system emails sent by WordPress after WP Fusion imports a new user (for example from ThriveCart or via a webhook).

Uncanny Automator

While WP Fusion syncs your WordPress data with your external marketing automation tool, Uncanny Automator links your WordPress plugins with eachother. Automatically change user roles, update course or groups enrollments, send and receive webhooks, sync data to Google Sheets, and more.

* This list includes affiliate links in cases where a recommended tool has a partner program, but this doesn’t affect our recommendations.