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Event Tracking

View a timeline of your users’ activities and engagements on their contact record in your CRM.

A more complete picture of your customers, students, & members.

WP Fusion applies tags in your CRM based on events in WordPress, like purchasing a product or completing a course.

While tags can show you what happened, they don’t do a good job of showing when it happened, or what happened next.

The Event Tracking Addon builds on WP Fusion’s existing capabilities by letting you see user activity and engagements in your CRM’s activity feed, in real time.

The Event Tracking Addon is available with our Plus license or higher.

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Designed for your CRM.

The Event Tracking Addon is designed for CRMs that have an activity feed or timeline component.

Learning management.

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View student progress in real time as they engage with your content, and use course progress and quiz scores to trigger messaging and automations.

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See member activities and engagements across social groups, forums, comments, and messaging.

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Track your customers through every step of the purchase process— product views, cart activity, each step of your sales funnels, all the way to checkout.

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Lead generation.

Track engagement with your forms across the entire customer lifecycle. 

View opt-ins, survey responses, quiz scores, billing inquiries, and anything else captured on your forms in real time, in your CRM.

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Lead Magnet - Opt-in
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