Videos, Demos, and Tutorials

Demos and Use Cases

Take a look at some of the powerful features WP Fusion brings to WordPress

WP Fusion + Elementor + Access Control

In this video we use an Elementor form in a popup to require an opt-in before visitors can read posts in a protected post category.

How to Restrict Membership Content with Your CRM

With WPFusion you can restrict membership content based on a subscribers CRM tags. This can remove the need for complex membership plugins and simplify the entire process. In this video we create a basic setup using WooCommerce.

Segment Your Subscribers Using Gravity Forms

Collecting qualifying criteria is a great way to improve your marketing campaigns. The more specific you can be in your messaging the more likely you are to make a sale. With Gravity Forms and WPFusion you can do this in a snap!

How To Create An Abandoned Cart Workflow

Over 70% of online customers add products to their cart but fail to checkout. Following up with a reminder email can significantly increase the conversion rate.In this video, we create an abandoned cart workflow using WooCommerce, WPFusion and Active Campaign.

Apply Tags On Click & Conditionally Display Content

With WPFusion it is possible to apply tags when a user clicks on a link. This could be a button, download or any external link. In this video, we use these tools to create a simple upsell offer after a subscriber has become a basic member.

Integrating Elementor and GiveWP with NationBuilder using WP Fusion

This video shows how to sync donor information to NationBuilder and unlock special discounts in WooCommerce using WP Fusion.

Getting Started

These videos will walk you through the process of downloading and installing WP Fusion, as well as provide an overview of the various settings pages and configuration options.

Advanced Settings

This video provides an overview of the options found under the Advanced tab of the WP Fusion settings

General Settings – Part One

This video explores WP Fusion's "General" settings tab, and covers the various options for handling user registrations, tagging new contacts, and assigning them to lists.

Installation and Initial Setup

How to upload WP Fusion to your WordPress site, and configure the initial connection to your CRM

Download and Installation

An introduction for new customers on how to log into your account, and access your downloads and license key.


A more in depth look of some of the features and utilities available with WP Fusion.

Importing CRM Contacts

This video introduces you to WP Fusion's import tool, which lets you import CRM contacts as new WordPress users

Tracking User Activity

Learn how to track activity and engagement by applying tags when users view content on your site


An introduction to WP Fusion's shortcodes for conditionally displaying content, or dynamically inserting user information into a page.

Mapping and Syncing Contact Fields

This video introduces you to the Contact Fields tab in the WP Fusion settings, and explains how to connect WordPress fields so they sync to your CRM

Content Restriction – General Settings

This video covers the various settings for content restriction on the "General" tab of the WP Fusion settings.

Lead Source Tracking

This video explains what Lead Source Tracking is, why it's beneficial, and how to use it.

Sync User Accounts

This video covers how to sync user accounts from your WordPress site to your CRM.

Auto Login Links

This video covers how to set up Auto Login Links, what this feature does, and what can be done with it.

Link Click Tracking

This video covers what Link Click Tracking is and how to use it.


These videos will walk you through some of the features WP Fusion adds to specific plugins.

Ultimate Member

This video looks at all the ways that WP Fusion integrates with the Ultimate Member plugin.