3.26 - 10/14/2019

  • Added Klaviyo integration
  • Fixed PeepSo multi-checkbox fields syncing values instead of labels
  • Fixed Elementor Pro bug when Elementor content was stored serialized

3.25.17 - 10/9/2019

  • Added support for Ranks with Gamipress
  • Enabled Import Users tab for Intercom
  • Added \"role\" and \"send_notification\" parameters for ThriveCart auto login
  • Performance improvements and bugfixes for background worker

3.25.16 - 10/7/2019

  • Added custom fields support to Give
  • Added option to hide restricted wpForo forums
  • Added \"ucwords\" formatting option to user_meta shortcode
  • Ultimate Member roles will now be removed when a linked tag is removed
  • Fixed special characters getting escaped on admin profile updates

3.25.15 - 9/30/2019

  • Added WP E-Signature integration
  • Added UserInsights integration
  • Added option to hide WPF meta boxes from non admins
  • Added support for syncing multi-input Name fields for WPForms
  • Added Filter Queries setting to Elementor Pro Posts and Portfolio widgets
  • Updated ActiveCampaign site tracking scripts
  • Fixed NationBuilder not loading more than 100 available tags
  • Fixed GiveWP recurring payments treating the donor as a guest
  • Fixed PeepSo first / last name fields not syncing on registration forms
  • Fixed fatal error when initializing GetResponse connection
  • All site tracking scripts will now recognize auto login sessions

3.25.14 - 9/23/2019

  • Added WPPizza integration
  • Existing Elementor forms will now update available CRM fields automatically
  • Added new filters and better session termination to auto login system
  • Payment Failed tags will now be removed after a successful payment on a WooCommerce subscription
  • Disabled comments during auto login sessions
  • Fixed bug with WooCommerce Points and Rewards discounts not applying
  • Fixes for HubSpot accounts with over 250 lists
  • Sendinblue bugfixes

3.25.13 - 9/18/2019

  • Sendinblue bugfixes
  • Bugfixes for syncing LearnDash quiz answers

3.25.12 - 9/16/2019

  • Added support for Woo Checkout Field Editor Pro
  • Added CartFlows upsell tagging
  • Added support for CartFlows custom fields
  • Added ability to sync LearnDash quiz answers to custom fields
  • Fixed Gravity Forms entries export issue with Create Tag(s) From Value fields
  • Fixed Mailchimp contact ID getting disconnected after email address change
  • Fixed BuddyPress fields not being detected on custom profile types
  • Fixed WooCommerce automatic coupons not being applied properly when a minimum cart total was set
  • Fixed NationBuilder Primary address fields not syncing
  • Fixed updating email addresses in WooCommerce / My Account creating duplicate subscribers in Drip

3.25.11 - 9/9/2019

  • Added Site Lockout feature
  • Added Ahoy messaging integration
  • Added prefix option for WooCommerce automatic tagging
  • Added additional AffiliateWP fields
  • Gravity Forms batch processor can now process all unprocessed entries
  • Increased limit on LifterLMS Memberships Statuses batch operation to 5000
  • Salon Booking tweaks
  • Fixed restricting Woo coupon usage by tag
  • Fixed WooCommerce auto-discounts not being applied when cart quantities updated
  • Fixed loading CRM data into Ultimate Member multi-checkbox fields
  • Fixed Mailchimp compatibility with other Mailchimp plugins
  • Copper bugfixes

3.25.10 - 9/5/2019

  • Fixed home page not respecting access restrictions in 3.25.8

3.25.9 - 9/4/2019

  • Changed order of apply and remove tags in Woo Subscriptions
  • Improved MemberPress expired tagging
  • FooEvents compatibility updates
  • Fixed tags not being removed with Ontraport

3.25.8 - 9/3/2019

  • Added Salon Booking integration
  • Added Custom Post Type UI integration
  • Added GDPR Consent and Agreed to Terms fields for syncing with Groundhogg
  • Enabled welcome email in MailPoet when a contact is subscribed to a list
  • WooCommerce will now use the user email address as the primary email for checkouts by registered users
  • Made background worker less susceptible to being blocked
  • Improved ActiveCampaign eCom customer lookup
  • Fixed content protection on blog index page
  • Fixed students getting un-enrolled from LearnDash courses if they were enrolled at the group level and didn\'t have a course linked tag

3.25.7 - 8/26/2019

  • Added Uncanny LearnDash Groups integration
  • Added event_name and venue_name to Event Tickets integration
  • Event Tickets bugfixes for RSVP attendees
  • Fixed \"Create tags from value\" option for profile updates
  • Fixed initial connection to Groundhogg on Groundhogg < 2.0
  • Fixed typo in NationBuilder fields dropdown
  • WooCommerce deposits compatibility updates

3.25.6 - 8/19/2019

  • Fix for error trying to get coupons from WooCommerce order on versions lower than 3.7

3.25.5 - 8/19/2019

  • Added ability to create new user meta fields from the Contact Fields list
  • Added support for Event Tickets Plus custom fields with WooCommerce
  • Added ability to sync event check-ins from Event Tickets Plus to a custom field
  • Added \"Create tag from value\" option to WPForms integration
  • Added support for sending full country name in WooCommerce
  • Added option to restrict WooCommerce coupon usage by tag
  • Improved \"Source\" column in WPF logs
  • Fixed event details not syncing on RSVP with Event Tickets
  • Fix for Uncanny LearnDash Groups bulk-enrollment adding contacts with multiple names
  • Fixed email address changes with Infusionsoft causing opt-outs
  • Reverted asynchronous checkouts to use background queue instead of single request
  • Performance improvements on sites with Memberium active

3.25.4 - 8/12/2019

  • Added auto-login by email address for MailerLite
  • Added Portuguese translation (thanks @João Alexandre)
  • MailerLite will now re-subscribe subscribers when they submit a form
  • Improved OAuth access token refresh process with Salesforce
  • Access control meta box now requires the manage_options capability
  • Fixed variable tags not getting removed during Woo subscription hold if no tags were configured for the main product
  • Variable tags will now be removed when a Woo subscription is switched and Remove Tags is enabled
  • Fix for WooCommerce Orders export process crashing on deleted products

3.25.3 - 8/6/2019

  • Fixed fatal error in BuddyPress integration when Profile Types module was disabled
  • Fixed WooCommerce orders exporter crashing when trying to access a deleted product
  • Fixed wpf_woocommerce_payment_complete action not firing on renewal orders

3.25.2 - 8/5/2019

  • Added support for tag linking with BuddyBoss Profile Types
  • Added support for restricting access to a single bbPress discussion
  • Restricted topics in BuddyBoss / bbPress will now be hidden from the Activity Feed if Filter Queries is on
  • Performance improvements when editing WooCommerce Variations
  • Performance improvements with Drip and WooCommerce guest checkouts
  • Added additional monitoring tools for background process worker
  • Cartflows bugfixes for Enhanced Ecommerce addon
  • Fixed WooCommerce variable subscription tags not being removed on Hold status
  • Fixed bug with borders being output on restricted Elementor widgets
  • Fixed bug when sending a store credit with WooCommerce Smart Discounts

3.25.1 - 7/29/2019

  • Added CartFlows integration
  • Groundhogg 2.0 compatibility
  • Drip site tracking will now auto-identify logged in users
  • Added WooCommerce Order Notes field for syncing
  • Fixed \"Affiliate Approved\" tags not being added when creating an AffiliateWP affiliate via the admin

3.25 - 7/22/2019

  • Added MailPoet integration
  • Added EDD Software Licensing integration
  • Added TranslatePress integration
  • Added support for MemberPress Corporate Accounts addon
  • Added support for BuddyPress fields to the user_meta shortcode
  • Additional tweaks to Austrailian state abbreviations with Ontraport
  • Groundhogg tags now update without manual sync
  • Fixed FooEvents tags getting removed during Woo Subscriptions renewal

3.24.17 - 7/15/2019

  • Added Tutor LMS integration
  • Added option to tag AffiliateWP affiliates on first referral
  • WooCommerce integration will no longer apply tags / update meta during a Subscriptions renewal
  • Groundhogg will now load tags and meta immediately instead of requiring sync
  • Fixed incorrect expiration dates with Paid Memberships Pro
  • Improved handling for State fields with Ontraport
  • Fixed MemberPress coupon settings not saving
  • Added LifterLMS membership start date as a field for syncing
  • Dynamic name / SKU tags will now be removed when an order is refunded

3.24.16 - 7/8/2019

  • Added GTranslate integration
  • Added Customerly webhooks
  • Added social media fields to Kartra
  • Added option to remove tags when a page is viewed
  • Added automatic SKU tagging in WooCommerce for supported CRMs
  • Fixed notifications going out when using the built in import tool
  • Restrict Content Pro beta 3.1 compatibility
  • Better handling for missing last names in Salesforce
  • When a PMPro membership is cancelled / expired the membership level name will be erased in the CRM

3.24.15 - 7/1/2019

  • Added option to completely hide a taxonomy term based on tags
  • Added support for built in Ultimate Member fields
  • Added option to automatically tag customers based on WooCommerce product names
  • Capsule bugfixes
  • Bugfixes for Preview with Tag feature
  • Fixed syncing changed email addresses with BuddyPress

3.24.14 - 6/24/2019

  • Added new default profile fields for Drip
  • Added support for catching Salesforce outbound messages with multiple contact IDs
  • Added wpf_salesforce_auth_url filter for Salesforce
  • Added date_joined field for Kartra
  • Added WooCommerce Subscriptions subscription ID field for syncing
  • Added multiselect support for HubSpot
  • Added support for File Upload field with Formidable Forms
  • Fixed Infusionsoft API errors with addWithDupCheck method
  • Bugfixes for Restrict Content Pro 3.0
  • Formidable Forms 4.0 compatibility updates
  • Slowed down HubSpot batch operations to get around API limits

3.24.13 - 6/17/2019

  • Added option to sync eLearnCommerce auto login token to a custom field
  • Mautic performance improvements
  • Linked tags from the previous level will now be removed when an RCP membership is manually changed
  • Fixed Mautic webhooks failing when the contact ID had changed due to a merge
  • Intercom bugfixes
  • Groundhogg bugfixes

3.24.12 - 6/14/2019

  • Added option to enable HubSpot site tracking scripts
  • Added order_id field for syncing with WooCommerce
  • Improved auto enrollment for LearnDash courses
  • Reduced API calls required during EDD checkout
  • Fixed ConvertKit contact ID lookup failing
  • Fixed tags from WooCommerce product attributes getting applied when the attribute wasn\'t selected

3.24.11 - 6/10/2019

  • Added better handling for ACF relationship fields
  • Added password update syncing for MemberPress
  • Added option to apply tags when a discount is used in Easy Digital Downloads
  • Added option to restrict usage of discounts by tags in Easy Digital Downloads
  • Added Last Lesson Completed and Last Course Completed fields for syncing with LifterLMS
  • Added Last Lesson Completed and Last Course Completed fields for syncing with LearnDash
  • Added unsubscribe notifications for ConvertKit
  • Added \"wpf_salesforce_auth_url\" filter for overriding Salesforce authorization URL
  • Restrict Content Pro linked tags will now be removed when a member upgrades
  • Improvements to \"Return after login\" feature
  • Fixed creating a contact in Zoho without a last name
  • Fixed Beaver Builder elements being hidden from admins
  • Fixed Event Tickets Plus tags not applying during WooCommerce checkout
  • Fixed Filter Queries \"Advanced\" mode not working on multiple queries
  • Fixed slashes getting added to tags with apostrophes in Mautic
  • Tweaks to Filter Queries (Advanced) option
  • Prevented linked tags from being re-applied when a Woo membership unenrollment is triggered

3.24.10 - 6/3/2019

  • Added details about configured tags to protected content in post list table
  • Added ThriveCart auto login / registration
  • Added Pending Payment tags for Event Espresso
  • Fixed settings getting reset when enabling ActiveCampaign site tracking

3.24.9 - 5/28/2019

  • Added Email Changed event for Drip
  • Fix for tags sometimes not appearing in settings dropdowns

3.24.8 - 5/27/2019

  • Added dynamic tagging based on field values (for supported CRMs)
  • Added Is X? fields for NationBuilder
  • Added GetResponse support
  • Enabled Sequential Upgrade for WishList Member
  • Preview With Tag now bypasses Exclude Admins setting
  • Fixed WooCommerce checkout not applying tags after an auto login session
  • Fixed slashes in image URLs with Gravity Forms multi-file upload fields

3.24.7 - 5/20/2019

  • Added WooCommerce Fields Factory integration
  • Added support for syncing WooCommerce attribute selections to custom fields
  • Added option to apply tags when an AffiliateWP affiliate is approved
  • Added option to disable \"Preview With Tag\" in admin bar
  • Added support for date fields in User Meta Pro
  • Added WooCommerce order date meta field for syncing
  • Fixed bug with Login Meta Sync
  • Fixed MailChimp looking up contacts from other lists
  • Fixed redirect causing multiple API calls with contact ID lookup in Mautic
  • Fixed empty date type fields sending 1/1/1970 dates

3.24.6 - 5/13/2019

  • Added active lists to list dropdowns with HubSpot
  • Removed admin bar JS link rewriting
  • Fix for sending 0 in Gravity Forms submissions

3.24.5 - 5/9/2019

  • Fixed tags not applying correctly with Async Checkout when a user registered a new account
  • Fixed WooCommerce Subscriptions variation tags not applying
  • Toolset fixes for profile updates
  • Fix for 3.24.4 turning off Filter Queries setting

3.24.4 - 5/6/2019

  • Added WP Affiliate Manager support
  • Added customer tagging for AffiliateWP
  • Added Organisation field for syncing to Capsule
  • Added \"Advanced\" mode for Filter Queries setting
  • Added support for single checkboxes with Formidable Forms
  • Added ability to modify field data formats via the Contact Fields list
  • Added IP address when adding new contacts with Mautic
  • Added \"Add Only\" option for Elementor forms
  • Added option to restrict visibility of EDD price options
  • Paid Memberships Pro now sends meta data before applying tags
  • Deleting a WooCommerce Subscription will no longer apply Cancelled tags
  • Fixed auto-enrollments into MemberPress membership levels via webhook not returning passwords
  • Fixed \"Expired\" tags not applying with MemberPress
  • Fixed date formatting with HubSpot
  • Fixed syncing date fields with Capsule
  • Compatibility updates for custom field formatting with Mailerlite

3.24.3 - 4/29/2019

  • Added option to return people to originally requested content after login
  • Added Contact ID merge field to Gravity Forms
  • Improved Preview With Tag functionality
  • Auto login with Mailchimp now works with email address
  • WooCommerce Transaction Failed tags will now be removed after a successful checkout
  • Limit logging table to 10,000 rows
  • Copper bugfixes
  • Fix for error when using GForms User Registration during an auto login session

3.24.2 - 4/22/2019

  • Added Caldera Forms integration
  • Added additional status tags for Restrict Content Pro
  • Changed Woo taxonomy tagging to just use the Category taxonomy
  • Modified async checkouts to use a remote post instead of AJAX
  • WPForms bugfixes
  • bugfixes
  • Consolidated forms functionality into new WPF_Forms_Helper class

3.24.1 - 4/16/2019

  • Fix for Paid Memberships Pro checkout error

3.24 - 4/15/2019

  • Added Sendlane CRM integration
  • Added WooCommerce category tagging
  • Added AgileCRM site tracking scripts
  • Added support for BuddyPress taxonomy multiselect fields
  • Fixed expiration tags in Paid Memberships Pro
  • Fixed MemberPress auto-enrollments setting expiration date in the past
  • Fixes for multiselects in BuddyPress
  • Fixes for XProfile fields on secondary field groups

3.23.7 - 4/8/2019

  • Added account deactivation tag trigger for Ultimate Member
  • Added WooCommerce Wholesale Lead Capture support
  • Toolset forms compatibility updates
  • Fixed logic error with \"Required Tags (all)\" setting
  • Fixed Preview With Tag functionality in Beaver Builder
  • Updated AWeber subscriber ID lookup to only use selected list

3.23.6 - 4/1/2019

  • Added Teams for WooCommerce Memberships integration
  • Added unit completion tagging for WP Courseware
  • Added Organization Name field for ActiveCampaign
  • LearnPress compatibility updates
  • Better AWeber exception handling
  • AccessAlly bug fixes
  • Bugfixes for PeepSo and auto login sessions
  • Fix for changing email addresses with Drip
  • Fix for AffiliateWP affiliate data not being synced when Auto Register Affiliates was enabled

3.23.5 - 3/25/2019

  • Added LifterLMS quiz tagging (thanks @thomasplevy)
  • Added ability to restrict usage of EDD discount codes (thanks @pjeby)
  • Added merge settings option to bulk edit
  • Added setting to remove \"Additional Fields\" section from settings
  • Added \"hide\" option to Convert Pro targeting rules
  • Expired / Cancelled / etc tags will now be removed when an EDD subscription is re-activated
  • Popup Maker compatibility updates
  • AccessAlly bug fixes
  • Fix for failed WooCommerce order blocking tagging on subsequent successful re-try
  • Fix for Required Tags (all) option greyed out
  • Paid Memberships Pro bugfixes

3.23.4 - 3/18/2019

  • Added Convert Pro CTA targeting integration
  • Added FooEvents integration
  • Added date-format parameter to user_meta shortcode
  • Added \"Required tags (all)\" option to post restriction meta box
  • Added option for login meta sync
  • Added option for tagging when WooCommerce orders fail on initial payment
  • Improved pagination in WPF logs
  • Mailerlite bugfixes
  • Improved HubSpot error logging
  • MemberPress expired tagging bugfixes
  • Fix for restricting BuddyPress pages

3.23.3 - 3/1/2019

  • Fixed bug in MailerLite integration

3.23.2 - 3/1/2019

  • Added Event Espresso integration
  • Restrict Content Pro v3.0 compatibility fixes
  • Added additional status triggers for Mailerlite webhooks
  • Fixes for wpf_user_can_access filter
  • ConvertKit fixes for unconfirmed subscribers

3.23.1 - 2/25/2019

  • CoursePress integration
  • Added incoming webhook test tool
  • Added WooCommerce Subscriptions Meta batch operation
  • Improved Ontraport site tracking script integration
  • MemberPress will now remove the payment fail tag when a payment succeeds
  • Bugfixes for CartFlows upsells with WooCommerce
  • Fix for syncing checkbox fields in Elementor forms
  • Fix for MailerLite accounts syncing more than 100 groups
  • Fix for syncing profile updates via Gravity Forms
  • Fixes for Free Trial Over tags in WooCommerce Subscriptions

3.23 - 2/18/2019

  • Added Mailjet CRM integration
  • Added payment failed tagging for MemberPress
  • Javascript bugfix for tags with apostrophes in them
  • Changes to WooCommerce variations data storage
  • Added option to only allow auto-login after form submission
  • Fix for email addresses with + sign in MailChimp
  • Fix for changed checkout field names in Paid Memberships Pro
  • Fix for contact ID lookup with HubSpot
  • Fix for background worker when PHP\'s memory_limit is set to -1
  • Added ability to restrict WooCommerce Shop page
  • bbPress template compatibility fixes

3.22.3 - 2/12/2019

  • Added tags for Expired status in MemberPress
  • Added admin users column showing user tags
  • Added fields for syncing Woo Subscriptions subscription name and next payment date
  • Option to hide Woo coupon field on Cart / Checkout (used with auto-applying coupons)
  • Fix for restricted WooCommerce products showing \"password protected\" message

3.22.2 - 2/5/2019

  • Elementor Popups integration
  • Added ability to auto-apply discounts via tag with WooCommerce
  • Added option to embed Mautic site tracking scripts
  • Added Mautic mtc_id cookie tracking for known contacts
  • Additional Woo Memberships statuses for tagging
  • Comments are now properly hidden when a post is restricted and no redirects are specified
  • Set 1 second sleep time for Drip batch processes to avoid API timeouts
  • bugfixes
  • webhooks added
  • Fixes for custom objects with Ontraport
  • Fixes for WooCommerce Deposits not tagging properly

3.22.1 - 1/31/2019

  • Groundhogg bugfixes
  • Drift tagging bugfixes
  • WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility fixes
  • Woo Subscriptions tagging bugfixes

3.22 - 1/28/2019

  • NationBuilder CRM integration
  • Groundhogg CRM integration
  • Added batch processing tool for WooCommerce Memerships
  • Added pagination to AccessAlly settings page
  • Added additional AffiliateWP registration fields for sync
  • Fix for Sendinblue not creating contacts if custom attributes weren\'t present
  • Fix for being unable to remove tags from Woo variations
  • Fix for Woo variations not saving correctly with Woo Memberships active
  • Fix for imports larger than 50 with Capsule

3.21.2 - 1/21/2019

  • Added Clean Login support
  • Added Private Messages integration
  • Added custom fields support for Kartra
  • Added AffiliateWP referrer ID field for syncing
  • Added Toggle field support for Formidable Forms
  • Added PeepSo VIP Icons support
  • Added Gist webhooks support
  • Moved Formidable Forms settings to \"Actions\" to support conditions
  • Fix for custom fields not syncing with MemberMouse registration
  • Fix for missing Ninja Forms settings fields
  • Fix for syncing multiselects / picklists with Zoho
  • Fix for error when processing Woo Subscriptions payment status hold
  • Fix for AJAX applying tags by tag ID
  • Fix for wpf_update_tags shortcode in auto-login sessions
  • Fix for error creating contacts in Intercom without any custom fields
  • Additional Capsule fields / Capsule field syncing bugfixes
  • Better internationalization support
  • Added PHP version notice for sites running less than 5.6

3.21.1 - 1/14/2019

  • Elementor Forms integration
  • Advanced Ads support
  • WooCommerce Addons v3.0 support
  • Additional tagging options for WooCommerce Memberships
  • Fix for variation tags sometimes being lost when saving a Woo product
  • Support for updating Capsule email/phone/address fields without a type specifier
  • Added tagging for when a LearnDash essay is submitted
  • Allow for using tag labels in link click tracking

3.21 - 1/5/2019

  • Copper CRM integration
  • Fixes for syncing PeepSo account fields
  • Fixes for LearnDash quiz results tagging with Essay type questions
  • Fix for incomplete address error with MailChimp
  • Support for syncing with unsubscribed subscribers in ConvertKit
  • Fixes for user IDs in ConvertFox (Gist)
  • Bugfix for logged-out behavior in Elementor
  • Added \"Process WP Fusion actions again\" option to WooCommerce Order Actions
  • PHP 5.4 fixes

3.20.4 - 12/22/2018

  • Fixed \"return value in write context\" error in PHP 5.6

3.20.3 - 12/22/2018

  • Added logged-out behavior to Elementor
  • Added support for syncing roles when a user has multiple roles
  • Added Pull User Meta batch operation
  • Added support for picklist fields in Zoho
  • Fix for syncing MemberPress membership level name during batch process
  • Additional logging for WC Subscriptions status changes
  • Added import by Topic for Salesforce
  • Admin settings update to support Webhooks

3.20.2 - 12/14/2018

  • Fix for JS error with Gutenberg block

3.20.1 - 12/14/2018

  • Added Gutenberg content restriction block
  • Better first name / last name handling for ConvertFox
  • Fix for Event Tickets settings not saving

3.20 - 12/8/2018

  • Autopilot CRM integration
  • Customerly CRM integration
  • Added Ninja Forms integration
  • Added option for per-post restricted content messages
  • Added user_registered date field for syncing
  • Added option to sync MemberPress membership level name at checkout
  • Added handling for changed contact IDs with Infusionsoft
  • Userengage bugfixes
  • Fix for BuddyPress multi-checkbox fields not syncing
  • Fix for PeepSo group members not getting fully removed from groups
  • Fix for MemberMouse password resets not syncing
  • Reverted to earlier method for getting Woo checkout fields to prevent admin errors in WPF settings
  • Fixed bug where bulk-editing pages would remove WPF access rules

3.19 - 11/29/2018

  • Drift CRM integration
  • wpForo integration
  • \"Give\" plugin integration
  • Bugfixes for MemberPress coupons
  • Better support for Gravity Forms User Registration
  • UserEngage bugfixes
  • Fixed compatibility bugs with other plugins using Zoho APIs
  • Added wpf_batch_sleep_time filter
  • Better user meta handling on auto-login sessions

3.18.7 - 11/21/2018

  • Popup Maker integration
  • GamiPress linked tag bugfixes
  • Added import tool for Mautic
  • Added support for updating email addresses in Kartra

3.18.6 - 11/15/2018

  • WPForms integration
  • UserEngage bugfixes
  • Ability to set WooCommerce product tags to apply at the taxonomy term level
  • Fix for incorrect membership start date with Paid Memberships Pro

3.18.5 - 11/12/2018

  • Fixed bug with WooCommerce that caused WPF settings page not to load

3.18.4 - 11/10/2018

  • WPComplete integration
  • Added async method for batch webhook operations
  • Fix for restricted WooCommerce variations not showing in admin when Filter Queries is enabled
  • Bugfixes for detecting WooCommerce custom checkout fields
  • Added payment conditions for Stripe and PayPal for Gravity Forms
  • Now allows updating PeepSo role by changing field value in CRM

3.18.3 - 10/27/2018

  • Added batch processing tool for Gravity Forms entries
  • Fixed outbound message endpoint creating error messages in Salesforce
  • Better support for custom checkout fields in WooCommerce
  • LifterLMS course/membership auto-enrollment tweaks
  • Added Payment Failed option to Woo Subscriptions

3.18.2 - 10/22/2018

  • Added support for Salesforce topics
  • Added tagging for MemberPress coupons
  • Added option to sync user tags on login
  • Added support for multi-checkboxes to Gravity Forms integration
  • Capsule bugfixes

3.18.1 - 10/14/2018

  • Added Weglot integration
  • Restrict Content Pro bugfixes
  • Kartra bugfixes for WooCommerce guest checkouts
  • Divi integration bugfixes
  • More flexible Staging mode

3.18 - 10/4/2018

  • Added support
  • Added logged in / logged out shortcodes
  • Added option to choose contact layout for new contacts with Zoho
  • Fix for AgileCRM campaign webhooks
  • Fixes for checkboxes with Profile Builder
  • WooCommerce Addons bugfixes
  • Added custom fields support for Intercom

3.17.2 - 9/22/2018

  • Added Divi page builder support
  • Added update_tags endpoint for webhooks
  • Fix for \"restrict access\" checkbox not unlocking inputs correctly
  • Fix for import button not working in admin
  • Cleaned up WooCommerce settings storage

3.17.1 - 9/17/2018

  • Added support for WooCommerce Addons
  • Improved leadsource tracking
  • Added webhooks support for SalesForce
  • Bugfixes for ConvertKit with email addresses containing \"+\" symbol
  • Support for syncing passwords generated by EDD Auto Register
  • Fix for MailChimp syncing tags limited to 10 tags
  • Additional sanitizing of input data

3.17 - 9/4/2018

  • HubSpot integration
  • SendinBlue bugfixes
  • Zoho authentication bugfixes
  • Profile Builder bugfixes
  • Added support for Paid Memberships Pro Approvals
  • Added option for applying a tag when a contact record is updated
  • Support for Gravity Forms applying local tags during auto-login session

3.16 - 8/27/2018

  • Added MailChimp integration
  • Added SendinBlue CRM integration
  • Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 support
  • Profile Builder Pro bugfixes

3.15.3 - 8/23/2018

  • Added Profile Builder integration
  • AccessAlly integration
  • WPML integration
  • Added \"wpf_crm_object_type\" filter for Salesforce / Zoho / Ontraport
  • Fix for date fields with Salesforce
  • Improvements to logging display for API errors
  • Added Elementor controls to sections and columns
  • Support for multi-checkbox fields with Formidable Forms

3.15.2 - 8/12/2018

  • Fix for applying tags via Gravity Form submissions with ConvertKit
  • Fixed authentication error caused by resyncing tags with Salesforce
  • Added Job Alerts support for WP Job Manager
  • Auto-login session will now end on WooCommerce cart or checkout

3.15.1 - 8/3/2018

  • WooCommerce memberships bugfixes
  • Fixed PeepSo groups table limit of 10 groups
  • Option to sync expiry date for WooCommerce Memberships
  • Beaver Builder fix for visibility issues
  • WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Integration
  • Added \"remove tags\" checkbox for EDD recurring price variations
  • Maropost CRM integration

3.15 - 7/15/2018

  • Tubular CRM integration
  • Flexie CRM integration
  • Added tag links for PeepSo groups
  • Elementor integration
  • WishList Member bugfixes

3.14.2 - 7/15/2018

  • Added WPLMS support
  • Improved syncing of multi-checkboxes with ActiveCampaign
  • Added support for Paid Memberships Pro Registration Fields Helper add-on

3.14.1 - 7/3/2018

  • Auto-login tweaks for Gravity Forms
  • Added option to apply tags on LearnDash quiz fail
  • LearnDash bugfixes
  • Improvements to AgileCRM imports by tag
  • Kartra API updates
  • Allowed loading PMPro membership start date and end date from CRM
  • MemberMouse syncing updates from admin edit member profile

3.14 - 6/23/2018

  • UserEngage CRM integration
  • Fix for auto-login links with AgileCRM
  • Added refund tags for price IDs in Easy Digital Downloads
  • Added leadsource tracking support for Gravity Forms form submissions
  • Added \"not\" option for Beaver Builder content visibility
  • Added access controls to bbPress topics

3.13.2 - 6/17/2018

  • Added support for tagging on subscription status changes for EDD product variations
  • Added support for syncing WooCommerce Smart Coupons coupon codes
  • Fixed Salesflare address fields not syncing
  • Improvements on handling for changed email addresses in MailerLite
  • Fix for LifterLMS access plan tags not displaying correctly
  • Fix for foreign characters in state names with Mautic

3.13.1 - 6/10/2018

  • Gravity Forms bugfix for v3.13

3.13 - 6/10/2018

  • Salesflare CRM integration
  • Added option to show excerpts of restricted content to search engines
  • Fix for refund tags not being applied in WooCommerce for guest checkouts
  • Fix for issues with linked tags not triggering enrollments while running batch processes
  • Ability to pause a MemberMouse membership by removing a linked tag
  • Bugfixes for empty tags showing up in select
  • Better handling for email address changes with MailerLite
  • Salesforce bugfixes

3.12.9 - 6/2/2018

  • Added \"apply tags\" functionality for Restrict Content Pro
  • Added tag link for Gamipress achievements
  • Added points syncing for Gamipress
  • Added support for WooCommerce Smart Coupons
  • Fix for \"refund\" tags getting applied when a WooCommerce order is set to Cancelled
  • Fix for LifterLMS \"Tag Link\" adding a blank tag
  • Removed ability to add tags from within WP for Ontraport
  • Gravity Forms bugfix for creating new contacts from form submissions while users are logged in
  • Support for Tribe Tickets v4.7.2

3.12.8 - 5/27/2018

  • Added GDPR \"Agree to terms\" tagging for WooCommerce
  • BuddyPress bugfixes
  • Added ability to apply tags when a coupon is used in Paid Memberships Pro
  • Ultimate Member 2.0 fix for tags not being applied at registration
  • Bugfix for tags sometimes not saving correctly on widget controls

3.12.7 - 5/19/2018

  • Beaver Builder integration
  • Ultimate Member 2.0 bugfixes
  • Added delay to Kartra contact creation to deal with slow API performance
  • Fix for Kartra applying tags to non-registered users
  • Support creating tags from within WP Fusion for Ontraport
  • Added delay in WooCommerce Subscriptions renewal processing so tags aren\'t removed and reapplied during renewals
  • Changed template_redirect priority to 15 so it runs after Force Login plugin

3.12.6 - 5/16/2018

  • Bugfix for errors showing when auto login session starts

3.12.5 - 5/15/2018

  • Added support for WooCommerce Deposits
  • Added event location syncing for Tribe Tickets Plus
  • Added BadgeOS points syncing
  • WP Courseware settings page fix for version 4.3.2
  • Added option to only log errors (instead of all activity)

3.12.4 - 5/6/2018

  • Added event date syncing for Tribe Tickets Plus events with WooCommerce
  • Fix for Zoho customers with EU accounts
  • Support for syncing passwords automatically generated by LearnDash
  • Restrict Content Pro bugfixes
  • UM 2.0 bugfixes
  • Allowed for auto-login using Drip\'s native ?__s= tracking link query var
  • Fix for syncing to date type custom fields in Ontraport

3.12.3 - 4/28/2018

  • Bugfix for \"undefined constant\" message on admin dashboard

3.12.2 - 4/28/2018

  • Better support for query filtering for restricted posts
  • Fixed a bug that caused tags not to be removed properly in Ontraport
  • Fixed a bug that caused tags not to apply properly on LifterLMS membership registration
  • Fixed a bug with applying tags when achievements are earned in Gamipress
  • Fixed a bug with syncing password fields on ProfilePress registration forms
  • Additional error handling for import functions

3.12.1 - 4/12/2018

  • ProfilePress integration
  • Added setting for widgets to *hide* a widget if a user has a tag
  • Added option to apply tags when a LifterLMS access plan is purchased
  • More robust API error handling and reporting
  • Fixed a bug in MailerLite where contact IDs wouldn\'t be returned for new users

3.12 - 3/28/2018

  • Added Zoho CRM integration
  • Added Kartra CRM integration
  • Added ConvertFox CRM integration
  • Added WP Courseware integration
  • Changed WooCommerce order locking to use transients instead of post meta values
  • Added membership role syncing to PeepSo integration
  • Added User ID as an available field for sync

3.11.1 - 3/21/2018

  • Added GamiPress integration
  • Added PeepSo integration
  • Added option to just return generated passwords on import, without requiring ongoing password sync
  • \"Push user meta\" batch operation now pushes Paid Memberships Pro meta data correctly
  • Fixed bug where ampersands would fail to send in Infusionsoft contact updates
  • Cleaned up scripts and styles in admin settings pages

3.11 - 3/15/2018

  • Capsule CRM integration
  • Added LearnPress LMS integration
  • Added batch-resync tool for LifterLMS memberships
  • Tags linked to LearnDash courses will now be applied / removed when a user is manually added to / removed from a course
  • Bugfixes for export batch operation
  • Added \"Pending Cancellation\" tags for WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Improved handling for displaying user meta when using auto-login links
  • Fix for AWeber API configuration errors breaking setup tab
  • Improved AgileCRM handling for custom fields
  • Added filter for overriding WPEP course buttons for restricted courses

3.10.1 - 3/3/2018

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a contact ID wouldn\'t be associated with an existing contact when a new user registers
  • Added start date syncing for Paid Memberships Pro

3.10 - 2/24/2018

  • MailerLite CRM integration
  • Bugfixes for auto-login links with Gravity Forms
  • MemberMouse bugfixes

3.9.3 - 2/19/2018

  • Added option for auto-login after Gravity Form submission
  • Changed auto-login links to use cookies instead of sessions
  • Allowed the user_meta shortcode to work with auto-login links
  • Modified Infusionsoft contact ID lookup to just use primary email field

3.9.2 - 2/15/2018

  • Proper state and country field handling for Mautic
  • Fix for malformed saving of Tag Link field in LifterLMS course settings

3.9.1 - 2/12/2018

  • Added \"Apply Tags - Cancelled\" to Paid Memberships Pro settings
  • Added Ontraport affiliate tracking
  • Added Ontraport page tracking
  • Improved LearnDash content restriction filtering
  • Optimized unnecessary contact ID lookups when Push All User Meta was enabled

3.9 - 1/31/2018

  • Added AWeber CRM integration
  • Linked tags now automatically added / removed on LearnDash group assignment
  • Added auto-enrollment for LifterLMS courses
  • Added post-checkout process locking for WooCommerce to reduce duplicate transactions

3.8.1 - 1/21/2018

  • Added [else] method to shortcodes
  • Added loggedout method to shortcodes
  • Performance enhancements
  • ConvertKit now auto-removes webhook tags
  • Added option to apply tags when a WooCommerce subscription converts from free to paid

3.8 - 1/8/2018

  • Intercom CRM integration
  • myCRED integration
  • Added bulk import for Salesforce
  • Added batch processing for s2Member
  • Fixed bug with administrators not being able to view content in a tag-restricted taxonomy

3.7.6 - 12/31/2017

  • Added batch processing tool for MemberPress subscriptions
  • Added setting to exclude restricted posts from archives / indexes
  • Added ActiveCampaign site tracking
  • Added Infusionsoft site tracking
  • Added Drip site tracking

3.7.5 - 12/21/2017

  • WooCommerce bugfixes

3.7.4 - 12/15/2017

  • Improvements to tag handling with ConvertKit
  • Added collapsible table headers to Contact Fields table
  • Fixed bug in Mautic with applying tags to new contacts
  • UserPro bugfixes


  • Added global setting for tags to apply for all WooCommerce customers
  • Fixed issue with restricted WooCommerce variations not being hidden
  • Fixed bug with syncing Ultimate Member password updates from the Account screen
  • Fixed LifterLMS account updates not being synced


  • UserPro bugfixes
  • Fixed hidden Import tab


  • Fix for email addresses not updating on CRED profile forms
  • Fix for Hold / Failed / Cancelled tags not being removed on WooCommerce subscription renewal


  • Added support for the Mautic marketing automation platform
  • Toolset CRED integration (for custom registration / profile forms)
  • Fix for newly added tags not saving to WooCommerce variations


  • Updated for compatibility with Ontraport API changes


  • WishList Member integration
  • Fixed tag fields sometimes not saving on WooCommerce variations
  • Added async checkout for EDD purchases


  • Improvements to filtering products in WooCommerce shop
  • Significantly sped up and increased reliability of WooCommerce Asynchronous Checkout functionality
  • Added ability to apply tags when refunded in EDD
  • Better Tribe Events integration


  • Improvements to auto login link system
  • Added duplicating Gravity Forms feeds
  • Restrict Content Pro bugfixes
  • Added admin tools for resetting wpf_complete hooks on WooCommerce / EDD orders


  • Added support for Ultimate Member 2.0 beta
  • Added Tribe Events Calendar support (including support for Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus)
  • Added list selection options for Gravity Forms with ActiveCampaign
  • Fixed variable tag fields not saving in WooCommerce
  • Fixed new user notification emails sometimes not going out
  • ActiveCampaign API performance enhancements


  • Bugfixes


  • Added access controls for widgets
  • Improved \"Preview with Tag\" reliability
  • WooCommerce now sends country name correctly to Infusionsoft
  • Added logging support for Woo Subscriptions
  • Support for additional BadgeOS achievement types
  • Support for switching subscriptions with Woo Subscriptions
  • Added batch processing options for Paid Memberships Pro
  • Fixed issue with shortcodes using some visual page builders


  • Added BadgeOS integration
  • Staging mode now works with logging tool
  • \"Apply to children\" now applies to nested children
  • Added backwards compatibility support for WC < 3.0
  • Passwords auto-generated by WooCommerce can now be synced
  • Fixed issues with MemberPress non-recurring products
  • Updated EDDSL plugin updater
  • Fixes for Gravity Forms User Registration add-on
  • Cleaned up internal fields from Contact Fields screen
  • Sped up Import tool for Drip
  • Option to disable API queue framework for debugging


  • ConvertKit imports no longer limited to 50 contacts
  • Restrict Content Pro improvements
  • Fixed bug when adding new tags via tag select dropdown
  • Fixed bug with using tag names in wpf shortcode on some CRMs
  • Importing users now respects specified role
  • Fixed error saving user profile when running BuddyPress with Groups disabled


  • 3.3 bugfixes


  • New features:
    • Added new logging / debugging tools
    • Contact Fields list is now organized by related integration
    • Added options for filtering users with no contact ID or no tags
    • Added ability to restrict WooCommerce variations by tag
  • New Integrations:
    • WooCommerce Memberships
    • Simple Membership plugin integration
    • WP Execution Plan LMS integration
  • New Integration Features:
    • MemberMouse memberships can now be linked with a tag
    • Expiration Date field syncing for Restrict Content Pro subscriptions
    • BuddyPress groups can now be linked with a tag
    • Added Payment Method field for sync with Paid Memberships Pro
    • Expiration Date can now be synced for Paid Memberships Pro
    • Added registration date, expiration date, and payment method for MemberPress subscriptions
    • Added \"Apply tags when cancelled\" field to MemberPress subscriptions
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bugs with editing tags via the user profile
    • user_meta Shortcode now pulls data from wp_users table correctly
    • \"Apply on view\" tags will no longer be applied if the page is restricted
    • Link with Tag fields no longer allow overlap with Apply Tags fields in certain membership integrations
    • AgileCRM fixes for address fields
  • Enhancements:
    • Optimized many duplicate API calls
    • Added Dutch and Spanish translation files


  • Bugfixes


  • Salesforce integration
  • Fixed issue with automatically assigning membership levels in MemberPress via webhook
  • Fixed incompatibility with Infusionsoft Form Builder plugin
  • Improvements to Drip integration
  • Improvements to WooCommerce order batch processing tools
  • Numerous bugfixes and performance enhancements


  • Drip CRM can now trigger new user creation via webhook
  • User roles now update properly when changed via webhook
  • Import tool can now import more than 1000 contacts from Infusionsoft
  • Gravity Forms bugfixes
  • WP Engine compatibility bugfixes


  • Added filter by tag option in admin Users list
  • Added ability to restrict all posts within a restricted category or taxonomy term
  • Added ability to restrict all bbPress forums at a global level
  • Fixed bug with Ultimate Member\'s password reset process with Infusionsoft
  • Added additional Google Analytics fields to contact fields list
  • Bugfix to prevent looping when restricted content is set to redirect to itself


  • Fixed inconsistencies with syncing user roles
  • Additional bugfixes for WooCommerce 3.0.3


  • Added built in user meta shortcode system
  • Added support for webhooks with ConvertKit
  • Updates for WooCommerce 3.0
  • Additional built in fields for Agile CRM users
  • Fixed bug where incorrect tags would be applied during automated payment renewals
  • Fixed debugging log not working


  • Added leadsource tracking to new user registrations for Google Analytics campaigns or custom lead sources
  • Link click tracking can now be used on other elements in addition to links
  • Agile CRM API improvements
  • Misc. bugfixes


  • Drip bugfixes
  • Agile CRM improvements and bugfixes
  • Added EDD payments to batch processing tools
  • Added EDD Recurring Payments to batch processing tools
  • Misc. UI improvements
  • Bugfixes and speed improvements to batch operations


  • Integration with User Meta plugin
  • Fixed bug where restricted page would be shown if no redirect was specified
  • Better support for Ultimate Member \"checkboxes\" fields


  • Import tool has been updated to use new background processing system
  • Added WordPress user role to list of meta fields for sync
  • Support for additional Webhooks with Agile CRM
  • Bugfix for long load times when getting user tags


  • New tags will be loaded from the CRM if a user is given a tag that doesn\'t exist locally
  • Resync contact IDs / Tags moved from Resynchronize button process to Batch Operations
  • ActiveCampaign integration can now load all tags from account (no longer limited to first 100)
  • Bugfix for LifterLMS memberships tag link


  • Paid Memberships Pro bugfixes


  • WP Job Manager integration
  • Added category / taxonomy archive access restrictions
  • Tags can now be added/removed from the edit user screen
  • Added tooltips with additional information to batch processing tools
  • Batch processes now update in real time after reloading WPF settings page


  • Bugfixes for 3.0


  • Bugfixes for 3.0


  • Added Formidable Forms integration
  • Added bulk editing tools for content protection
  • New admin column for showing restricted content
  • New background worker for batch operations on sites with a large number of users
  • Tags are now removed properly when WooCommerce order refunded / cancelled
  • Added option to remove tags when LifterLMS membership cancelled
  • Added \"Tag Link\" capability for Paid Memberships Pro membership levels
  • User roles can now be updated via the Update method in a webhook or HTTP Post
  • Introduced beta support for Drip webhooks
  • Initial sync process for Drip faster and more comprehensive
  • All integration functions are now available via wp_fusion()->integrations
  • Updated and improved automatic updates
  • Numerous speed optimizations and bugfixes


  • Improved integration with Paid Memberships Pro and Contact Form 7
  • Bugfix for Radio type fields with Ultimate Member


  • Added \"Staging Mode\" - all WP Fusion functions available, but no API calls will be sent
  • Added Advanced settings pane with debugging tools


  • LifterLMS bugfixes
  • Deeper MemberPress integration


  • Support for Asian character encodings with Infusionsoft
  • Improvements to Auto-login links for hosts that don\'t support SESSION variables


  • Misc. bugfixes


  • Added support for MemberPress
  • Updates for WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.x


  • Agile CRM CRM support
  • Added support for Thrive Themes Apprentice LMS
  • Added support for auto-login links
  • Added ability to apply tags when a link is clicked


  • Fix for users being logged out when syncing password fields
  • Ontraport bugifxes and performance tweaks
  • Better error handling and debugging information for webhooks


  • Added option for customizing restricted product add to cart message
  • Misc. bug fixes


  • ConvertKit CRM support
  • LifterLMS updates to support LLMS 3.0+
  • Ability to apply tags for LifterLMS membership levels
  • Restricted Woo products can no longer be added to cart via URL


  • Fixed bug where tag select boxes on LearnDash courses were limited to one selection


  • Fixed bugs where ActiveCampaign lists would be overwritten on contact updates
  • Restricted menu items no longer hidden in admin menu editor
  • Improved s2Member support
  • Fix for applying tags with variable WooCommerce subscriptions


  • Added s2Member integration
  • Added support for applying tags when WooCommerce coupons are used
  • Added support for syncing AffiliateWP affiliate information
  • Fixed returning passwords for imported contacts
  • Updates for compatibility with plugin integrations


  • Added LifterLMS support
  • Fix for password updates not syncing from UM Account page


  • Added Restrict Content Pro Integration
  • Tag mapping for LearnDash Groups
  • Can now sync user password from Ultimate Member reset password page


  • Fix for contact fields not getting correct defaults on first install
  • Fixed wrong lists getting assigned when updating AC contacts
  • Significant API performance optimizations


  • Enabled webhooks from Ontraport


  • Fixed error in GForms integration


  • Added support for syncing PMPro membership level name
  • Fixed tags not applying when WooCommerce orders refunded
  • Bugfixes and performance optimizations


  • Batch processing tweaks


  • Admin performance optimizations
  • Batch processing / export tool


  • Fix for tag select not appearing under Woo variations
  • Formatting filters for date fields in ActiveCampaign
  • Added quiz support to Gravity Forms
  • Optimizations and performance tweaks


  • Drip bugfixes
  • Fix for restricted WooCommerce products not being hidden on some themes


  • Added Drip CRM support
  • Option to run Woo checkout actions asynchronously


  • Updates to support Media Tools Addon


  • Added option to push generated passwords back to CRM
  • Added ability to apply tags in LearnDash when a quiz is marked complete
  • Added ability to link a tag with an Ultimate Member role for automatic role assignment


  • Fixed bug with WooCommerce variations and user-entered tags
  • Fixed BuddyPress error when XProfile was disabled


  • Fix for license activations / updates on hosts with outdated CURL
  • Updates to support WPF addons
  • Re-introduced import tool for ActiveCampaign users
  • PHP 7 optimizations


  • Improvements to initial ActiveCampaign sync
  • Added instructions for AC import


  • Added Paid Memberships Pro support
  • Added course / tag relationship mapping for LearnDash courses
  • Added automatic detection and mapping for BBPress profile fields
  • Added \"Apply tags when refunded\" option for WooCommerce products
  • Updated HTTP status codes on HTTP Post responses
  • Tweaks to Import function for Ontraport users
  • Fix for duplicate contacts being created on email address change with ActiveCampaign
  • Fix for resyncing contacts with + symbol in email address


  • Bugfixes for Ontraport integration
  • Added Contact Type field mapping for Infusionsoft


  • Added Ontraport CRM integration


  • MemberMouse integration
  • Fix for license activation for users on outdated versions of CURL / SSL
  • Fix for BuddyPress pages not locking properly


  • Fixed error in bbPress integration on old PHP versions


  • Added Contact Form 7 support
  • All bbPress topics now inherit permissions from their forum
  • Added ability to lock bbPress forums archive
  • Fixed bug with importing users by tag
  • Fixed error with shortcodes using Thrive Content Builder
  • Removed Add to Cart links for restricted products on the Woo store page
  • Added option to hide restricted products from Woo store page entirely
  • Added support for applying tags based on EDD variations


  • Fix for tag shortcodes on AC
  • Improvements to tag selection on Woo subscriptions / variations
  • Woo Subscription fields now show on variable subscriptions as well
  • Updated included Select2 libraries
  • Restricted content with no tags specified will now be restricted for non-logged-in-users


  • Fixed fatal error with GForms integration on lower PHP versions


  • Added support for re-syncing contacts in batches for sites with large numbers of users
  • Added support for ActiveCampaign webhooks
  • Added support for EDD Recurring Payments
  • Simplified URL structure for HTTP POST actions and added debugging output
  • Fix for \"0\" tag appearing with ActiveCampaign tags


  • Fixed bug where AC profiles wouldn\'t update if email address wasn\'t present in the form
  • Fix for redirect rules not being respected for admins
  • Fix for user_email and display_name not updating via HTTP Post


  • Fixed bug affecting [wpf] shortcodes with users who had no tags applied


  • Added support for applying tags in Woo when a subscription expires, is cancelled, or is put on hold
  • Added \"Push All\" option for incompatible plugins and \"user_meta\" updates triggered via functions
  • Fix for ActiveCampaign accounts with no tags
  • Isolated AC API to prevent conflicts with plugins using outdated versions of the same API


  • Bugfix when using tag label in shortcode


  • Fix for tag checking logic with shortcode


  • Fix for has_tag() function when using tag label
  • Fixes for conflicts with other plugins using older versions of Infusionsoft API
  • Support for re-adding contacts if they\'ve been deleted in the CRM


  • Resync contact now deletes local data if contact was deleted in the CRM
  • Update license handler to latest version
  • Resynchronize now force resets all tags
  • Moved upgrade hook to later in the admin load process


  • Support for manually marking WooCommerce payments as completed
  • Improved support for servers with limited API tools
  • Fixed wp_fusion()->user->get_tag_id() function to work with ActiveCampaign
  • Bugfixes to shortcode content restriction system
  • Fix for fields with subfields occasionally not showing up in GForms mapping
  • Fix for new Ultimate Member field formats


  • Fix for user accounts not created properly when WooCommerce and WooSubscriptions were both installed
  • Added \"apply to related lessons\" feature to Sensei integration
  • WooCommerce will now track leadsources and save them to a customer\'s contact record


  • Bugfix for PHP notices appearing when shortcodes were in use and current user had no CRM tags
  • Added SQL escaping for imported tag labels and categories
  • Fix for contact address not updating existing contacts on guest checkout
  • Fix for ACF not pushing / pulling field data properly


  • Bugfix for importing users where CRM fields were mapped to multiple local fields
  • Bugfix for Setup tab not appearing on initial install


  • Bugfix for notices appearing for admins when admin bar was in use


  • Bugfix for \"update\" action in HTTP Posts


  • Complete rewrite and refactoring of core code
  • Integration with ActiveCampaign, supporting all of the same features as Infusionsoft
  • Custom fields are now available as a dynamic dropdown
  • Ability to re-sync tags and custom fields within the plugin
  • Integration with Sensei LMS
  • Infusionsoft integration upgraded to use XMLRPC 4.0
  • 100\'s of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and other improvements


  • Fix for registering contacts that already exist in Infusionsoft


  • Fix for saving WooCommerce variation configuration
  • Added automatic detection for when contacts are merged
  • Improvements to wpf_template_redirect filter
  • Added ability to apply tags per Ultimate Member registration form
  • Ability to defer adding the contact until after the UM account has been activated
  • Fixed bug with tags not appearing on admin user profile page
  • Added filters for unsetting post types
  • Added wpf_tags_applied and wpf_tags_removed actions


  • Added has_tag function
  • Added wpf_template_redirect filter
  • Improved detection of registration form fields
  • Fixed PHP notices appearing when using ACF
  • Updates for compatibility with WP 4.3.1


  • Can feed Gravity Forms data to Infusionsoft even if the user isn\'t logged in on your site
  • Added support for Easy Digital Downloads
  • Fixed bug with pulling date fields into Ultimate Member


  • Fixed bug with account creation and Ultimate Member user roles


  • LearnDash integration: can now apply tags on course/lesson/topic completion
  • Content restrictions can now apply to child content
  • New Ultimate Member fields are detected automatically
  • Added ability to set user role via HTTP Post \'add\'
  • Added \'any\' option to shortcodes


  • Fixed global redirects not working properly
  • Fixed issue with Preview As in admin bar
  • Added \'wpf_create_user\' filter
  • Allowed for creating / updating users manually
  • API improvements


  • Misc. bugfixes with last release


  • Improved compatibility of WooCommerce checkout with caching plugins
  • Fixed bug with static page redirects
  • Improved Ultimate Member integration
  • Added support for combining \"tag\" and \"not\" in the WPF shortcode
  • Added support for separating multiple shortcode tags with a comma
  • Reduced API calls when profiles are updated
  • Fixed bugs with guest checkout in WooCommerce


  • Fixed bug with Ultimate Member integration in last release


  • \"Resync Contact\" now pulls meta data as well
  • Can now validate custom fields by name as well as label
  • Added warning messages for WP Engine users
  • Improved support for Ultimate Member membership plugin
  • Fixed bug with redirects on Blog page / archive pages


  • Added support for locking bbPress forums based on tags
  • Added wpf_update_tags and wpf_update_meta shortcodes
  • Support for overriding the new user welcome email with plugins
  • Fixed bug with API Key generation
  • Fixed bug with tags not applying after the specified delay
  • Improved integration with WooCommerce checkout


  • Added integration with Ultimate Member plugin


  • Added \"User Role\" selection to import tool
  • Added actions for user added and user updated
  • Added \"lock all\" button to preview bar dropdown
  • Fixed bug where tag preview wouldn\'t work on a static home page
  • Fixed bug where shortcodes within the `[wpf]` shortcode wouldn\'t execute


  • Improved integration support for user meta / profile plugins


  • Tags will be removed when a payment is refunded
  • Added support for applying tags with product variations
  • Fixed bug with pushing ACF meta data on profile save
  • Added support for pulling ACF meta data on profile load


  • Added wpf_woocommerce_payment_complete action
  • Added search filter to redirect page select dropdown
  • Fixed \"Class \'WPF_WooCommerce_Integration\'\" not found bug


  • Added ability to import contacts from Infusionsoft as new WordPress users
  • Added new plugin API methods for updating meta data and creating new users (see the documentation for more information)
  • Added \"unlock all\" option to frontend admin toolbar
  • Tags applied by a WooCommerce subscription can be removed when the subscription fails to charge, a trial period ends, or the subscription is put on hold
  • Added support for syncing password and username fields
  • Fixed a bug with applying tags at WooCommerce checkout when the user isn\'t logged in


  • Added support for syncing multiselect fields with a contact record
  • Added ability to trigger a campaign goal when a user profile is updated
  • Added ability to manually resync a user profile if a contact record is deleted / recreated
  • Now supports syncing with Infusionsoft built in fields. See the Infusionsoft \"Table Documentation\" for field name reference
  • Users registered through a UserPro registration form will now have their password saved in Infusionsoft
  • Fixed several bugs with user account creation using a UserPro registration form
  • Fixed bug where tag categories with over 1,000 tags wouldn\'t import fully
  • Fixed a bug that would cause checkout to fail with WooCommerce if a user is in guest checkout mode
  • Numerous other bugfixes, optimizations, and improvements


  • Fixed bug that would cause a user profile to fail to load when an IS contact wasn\'t found
  • \"Preview with tag\" dropdown now groups tags by category and sorts alphabetically
  • Fixed a bug with applying tags at WooCommerce checkout
  • Notices for inactive / expired licenses


  • Check for UserPro header on initial sync bug fixed
  • Removed PHP notices on meta box when no tags are present
  • \"Preview with tag\" has been removed from admin screens


  • Automatic update bug fixed


  • Fixed bug where users without email address would kill initial sync


  • Software Licensing added
  • Changed name to WP Fusion


  • Initial release