The Basics

Plugin Integrations

WP Fusion integrates with many popular WordPress plugins. Click on each for more information on how we've extended these plugins to utilize the power of WP Fusion.

All plugin integrations are available with Personal licenses and higher


Addons are separate plugins which you can install as needed to extend the capabilities of WP Fusion for certain business needs.

All addons are available with Plus licenses and higher

Abandoned Cart Tracking

The Abandoned Cart Tracking addon lets you track abandoned carts and capture customer information before checkout is completed.

Enhanced Ecommerce

The Ecommerce addon lets you save detailed order data from your store to your CRM's ecommerce system.

Media Tools

Track user engagement with embedded videos and audio on your site, with triggers for starting, completing, and reaching a certain timecode.


The Logins addon gives you tools for tracking user logins on your site, and performing actions if users meet certain criteria.

Webhooks (Zapier)

The Webhooks addon (or Zapier addon) lets you send data to third party services based on events in WP Fusion.

Additional Documentation

Additional documentation, including common issues, troubleshooting techniques, and CRM-specific tutorials.

Developer Guides

WP Fusion was built with developers in mind. Almost any aspect of WP Fusion's functionality can be modified via hooks. Some examples are listed here, and many more can be found in the code.


WP Fusion boasts a simple to use and powerful API. Check out the available functions below.


Filters allow you to modify the functionality of WP Fusion through code placed in your theme's functions.php file.


Actions are triggered at certain points during WP Fusion's operation. You can attach functions to these actions to run your own custom code at specific times.

Advanced Developer Tutorials

These tutorials cover some advanced ways to utilize WP Fusion's API and internal functions. Knowledge of PHP and WordPress programming concepts required.