WP Fusion integrates with wpForo to sync user registrations and profile updates with any one of 50+ CRMs and marketing automation tools.

As well, WP Fusion allows you protect access to forums on your site by a logged in user’s CRM tags. WP Fusion also allows you to auto-assign usergroups in wpForo forums by applying and removing tags in your CRM.

#Syncing custom fields

Any custom fields added to your wpForo registration or profile forms with the User Custom Fields addon will automatically show up for sync under the wpForo heading in WP Fusion’s Contact Fields settings.

For each wpForo field in the left column, you can select a custom field in your CRM from the dropdown in the right column to enable the field for sync.

When a user registers or updates their profile, the data will be synced to the selected custom field in your CRM.

#Forum access control

To set up forum access control, navigate to Forums » WP Fusion in the WordPress admin.

For each of your forums and categories, you can specify tags that are required to view that forum. If the user does not have any of the specified tags they will be redirected to a the page you select in the dropdown.

You can also check the box for Hide if access is denied to completely hide the restricted forum from the forums list.


WP Fusion includes the ability to auto-assign usergroups in your forums by applying and removing tags in your CRM. This can also be configured under Forums » WP Fusion in the admin.

For each usergroup in wpForo you can select a tag in your CRM. When this tag is applied to a user they will be added to the associated usergroup. If the tag is removed they will revert to the default wpForo usergroup.

You can set the default usergroup in the wpForo settings under Forums » Usergroups.

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