This function triggers WP Fusion to load data from your CRM back to the WordPress user record. Any fields enabled for sync on the Contact Fields tab will be loaded.


  • $user_id: the WordPress user ID to load the metadata for


  • $user_meta: array of key / value pairs of WordPress meta


#Load a number and increment it

This example loads a custom field from the CRM, adds 1 to it if it’s numeric, and syncs the field value back to the CRM.

$user_meta = wp_fusion()->user->pull_user_meta( $user_id );

if ( ! empty( $user_meta['number_field'] ) && is_numeric( $user_meta['number_field'] ) ) {


	wp_fusion()->user->push_user_meta( $user_id, array( 'number_field' => $user_meta['number_field'] ) );


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