This function determines whether a user has a given tag. A tag ID or label can be provided.

if ( wpf_has_tag( 'Paying Customer' ) ) {

	echo "Thanks for your payment!";


Or more complex conditions can be created by combining calls to has_tag(), for example:

if ( wpf_has_tag( 'New Customer' ) && ! wpf_has_tag( 'Watched Intro Video' )  ) {

	echo "Welcome to our site! Please watch our introduction video here:";



has_tag( $tags, $user_id = false )
  • $tags (mixed) (Required): The tag or tags.
  • $user_id (int) (Optional): The user ID to check the tags of.


(bool) Whether the user has the tag

#By User ID

To check the tags for a specific user, pass a $user_id as the second parameter:

if ( wpf_has_tag( 'Paying Customer', $user_id ) ) {

	echo "Thanks for your payment!";


#Array Syntax

The function also accepts an array of tag names or IDs. If the user has any of the provided tags the function will return true.

if ( wpf_has_tag( array( 'Pending Affiliate', 'Accepted Affiliate' ) ) {

	echo "Thanks for joining our affiliate program!";


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