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When WooCommerce is active, the Logins addon will bypass any login redirects on the My Account and Checkout pages. This is to prevent people from getting redirected when they’re trying to complete a purchase or update their billing information.

#Order received page redirects

In addition, there is an option added to the Logins tab in the WP Fusion settings for WooCommerce Redirects. When enabled, this allows you to run login redirect rules on the Order Received page after someone has finished checking out in your store.

Using this option you can redirect customers to custom pages based on tags applied at checkout.

Note: For best results it’s recommended to turn off Asynchronous Checkout from the Integrations tab in the WP Fusion settings, so that all tags have been applied by the time any redirects are triggered.


Here’s one example configuration, using the login redirect rules editor.

In this example:

  • If someone has purchased from you and is logged in for the first time, and the General Membership tag was applied, they will be redirected to the New Member Welcome page.
  • If someone was tagged with Event Purchaser they will be redirected to the Event Details page.
  • If someone is tagged with Profile Incomplete they will be redirected to the Edit Your Profile page.

#A warning

Note that because the redirect happens before the order received page loads, this will prevent any other plugins or scripts from running on the order received page.

If you’re using Google Analytics or the Facebook pixel to track conversions, you should not redirect people away from the order received page.

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