The Logins addon for WP Fusion gives you tools for tracking user logins on your site, and performing actions if users meet certain criteria. You can apply tags when a user first logs in, when a user hasn’t logged in for a certain period of time, and perform login redirects based on a user’s tags.

These features give you a better sense of how your users are interacting with your site, and more options for increasing engagement and retaining members and customers.

First Login / Stale Accounts

  • Apply Tags – First Login: These tags will be applied to a user when they log into your site for the first time. This works for all users who log in for the first time after you’ve installed the logins addon. WP Fusion won’t apply these tags to existing users.
  • Apply Tags – Stale Accounts: WP Fusion can track how long it’s been since a user last logged in, and apply tags if they’ve been gone for longer than the specified period. If they log in again after the specified time has passed, the selected tags will be removed.

Login Redirect Rules

Here you can specify redirects on login based on a user’s tags.

Rules are prioritized from the top down.

Login Count Rules

Here you can specify rules based on the number of times someone has logged in.

  • On / Every: Choose “On the Nth login” to have the rule run just once when the number of logins has been reached. Choose “Every N logins” to run the rule each time the number has been reached.
  • Required tags: You can make the rule only run if the user has the specified tags.
  • Page: This is the page the user will be redirected to on login.
  • Apply tags: You can specify any tags to be applied to the user when the condition has been met.
  • Login Count Method: Here you can specify how logins should be counted: either when a login form has been submitted, or once a day on site visit.