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Automatically retry failed order syncs

On a very small percentage of WooCommerce orders, WP Fusion sometimes fails to sync the order to our CRM (Drip). This causes tickets from customers saying they haven't received the products they purchased. It's easily solvable by manually clicking on the "process WP Fusion actions again" button. It would be useful if there were a feature to auto-retry the sync of these orders that failed to sync on the first attempt (maybe after a delay).

Under Review Category: Core Feature Enhancements Thomas Griffith shared this idea Updated: May 8, 2024

3 thoughts on “Automatically retry failed order syncs”

  1. This makes me nervous 🤔

    What’s the reason for the failed order syncs?

    The problem with a retry is, if the order is failing due to incorrectly formatted data, then retrying won’t fix it. So you could end up in a situation where all your orders are trying and failing to sync every few minutes, and take the site down.

    We could limit it to a single retry, but that also might not fix it if the error is due to an API outage, or API limits exceeded (in the latter case it could make the problem worse).

    I’d prefer to try and fix the reason they’re not syncing in the first place, if possible. I’ll reply as well in a support ticket in case you’re willing to let us take a look at it.

  2. Thomas Griffith

    Got it. Yeah, I was thinking of a single retry after a minute or so.

    We’ll try to send a ticket when we see one of these happening. The problem is that they’re pretty rare, and often times, by the time we catch them, the order is no longer in the WP Fusion logs.

    1. Sounds good, thanks.

      Hopefully we’d find a scenario they have in common. Like.. maybe sometimes the Cart object hasn’t been fully saved by the time the Order is synced, and in that case a retry would be a safe solution… rather than doing it globally for any errors 👍

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