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Fluent Support Integration

Full Integration of Fluent Support

Under Review Category: Plugin Integrations Jens Hartmann shared this idea Updated: April 2, 2022

6 thoughts on “Fluent Support Integration”

  1. We could consider adding a Fluent Support integration for people who wanted to use it with a cloud-based CRM…. but since FluentCRM is already optimized for Fluent Support, I think that will provide the best compatibility.

    Which CRM are you trying to use with Fluent Support?

  2. Please consider adding Fluent support integration because that is more affordable and also powerful. I am using Groundhogg + Fluent support. Thanks

  3. Would love to see an integration of WP Fusion and Fluent Support. Love the features of Fluent Support but we’re also pretty heavily invested in Active Campaign.

    Agree that Fluent Support is probably best suited for use with FluentCRM but unfortunately it would be a big undertaking to switch CRM’s at this stage just to integrate Fluent Support. WP Fusion could be the key.

    1. What kind of integration are you imagining / what would be most useful?

      We could sync support form submissions with ActiveCampaign, and apply a tag when the support form was submitted.

      But you could actually do this already using Fluent Forms and their FluentSupport integration: https://fluentsupport.com/docs/fluent-form-integration/

      In that case you’d just build your support form in Fluent Forms and create both a support feed and a WP Fusion feed to ActiveCampaign.

      Is there another trigger or something where it’d be useful to be able to sync data and/or apply tags?

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