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FluentCRM – Enhanced Ecommerce

When connecting to FluentCRM over the REST API, allow for syncing WooCommerce orders into the Purchase History tab, and triggering automations using the WooCommerce triggers (if possible).

(Updated: this is going to be an integration with FluentBoards . Orders will create a “task” on a board, and order status changes will move the task through stages)

Started Category: Enhanced Ecommerce Jack Arturo shared this idea Updated: May 18, 2024

31 thoughts on “FluentCRM – Enhanced Ecommerce”

  1. For the Purchase History tab, FluentCRM doesn’t store WooCommerce orders within their own data storage, they read it directly out of WooCommerce… so it won’t be possible to sync data into that tab over the REST API.

    However, we should be able to sync orders into deals / stages / pipelines, since those will have their own data storage and record IDs.

    This is the latest discussion on the pipelines feature: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fluentcrm/posts/5669586806481943/

    It sounds like it will be released soon. Once that’s available, we’ll check it out and proceed with an integration.

  2. Christopher Miller

    This would be pretty cool. Is it too much to ask that this be made possible for multiple eCommerce sources? One reason for using the REST API rather than native is we have 2 separate Woo sites, one for physical products, one for memberships. Plus a Gravity Forms checkout for appointments. I guess they could all go into a list under the same Purchase History tab, but with the site name indicating which one it came from.

  3. Antonio Marchione Fera

    Are there any updates? It would be really important to have the enhanced on FluentCRM. Also, it’s the most voted request on the “PLANNED” list. Thanks!

    1. No news yet. FluentCRM did announce FluentBoards (https://fluentboards.com/), but we’re still waiting for a boards or sales pipeline system to be included inside of FluentCRM itself.

      As of three weeks ago, Shahjahan Jewel said “Sales Pipelines will be a separate plugin that will work with FluentCRM and the whole ecosystem. Our team is also working on the sales pipeline plugin.”

      You can see the latest discussion about it at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fluentcrm/posts/7278905545550053/

    1. Ah ok. I hadn’t seen this. Then I guess we will put the feature request on hold.

      The request is to integrate with sales pipelines in FluentCRM. If FluentCRM is not building sales pipelines at the current time, then there is nothing to integrate with.

      Maybe a good opportunity for a third party addon to FluentCRM?

      1. Hi Folks,

        I don’t know if this will help, but what I’ve found useful are:
        a) AutomatorWP or Uncanny Automator along side of FluentCRM, you can (kind of) simulate sales pipelines with this approach. I know it’s not perfect, but it seems to help. Just an idea.

        b) with wpFusion & tagging, and using Automator – you can develop a “sequence of tags” that get applied, then removed at specific times – to “move a contact record” through a pipeline, or several pipelines at once in parallel. I use tags that have a prefix of: Trigger- this way, when I see “trigger”, I know it’s an internal tag that triggers an action. I remove the trigger tag when the action is performed. You could put a tag called “pipeline-” or step in the pipeline as well.

        c) Recently asked OptimizePress for integration with FluentCRM, yes it’s one of those themes, but it’s been around a long time. They have funnels built in to their theme and they are fairly powerful. Perhaps a combination of OptimizePress + FluentCRM + Automator + wpFusion will cover all the bases.

        If needed, use either Make.com or Zapier as an external “pipeline” engine… But those engines: 1) expose sensitive customer data to other SaaS services, and 2) may not have appropriate “delays” to be executed properly.

        Rigging together a workflow in FluentCRM may also be able to help simulate a pipeline.

        Just trying to think outside the box here. Hope this helps,

  4. I agree…Maybe a good opportunity for a third party addon to FluentCRM?

    Jack, you have your name written all over that one 🙂 ….or maybe have a discussion with Shahjahan Jewel for a collaboration?

    1. Haha. Yes. Maybe. He has a good point though. It’s complicated to develop and support. Maybe more than WP Fusion.

      Would you pay $100 / month for sales pipeline automation with FluentCRM, as a standalone product? If so maybe we could try it.

    1. An interesting visual representation here:

      I think…
      a) series of tags with wpFusion
      b) some creative javascript over a visual (like the one there) to display hovers and clicks, and metrics – like # of customers in each build a popup menu in JS that calls specific URL endpoints to either drill-in or visualize.
      c) a bit of SQL to build the metrics
      d) and a few workflows (either in automator engine or FluentCRM workflows)
      That might just do the trick…. at least get you something you can work with.

  5. Surely the email automation part is already built into to FCRM from the trigger functionality.

    I’d be happy with manually (aka in the style of fluent boards) moving a deal through each stage of a pipeline.

    Entering or leaving a pipeline stage would trigger an email automation.

    Simple 😉

    1. What I was imagining is similar to ActiveCampaign’s or HubSpot’s sales pipelines.

      Each order gets a “deal”, with a pipeline and stage. Orders can move through pipelines via updates to order statuses, or automations. Orders are assigned a contact and an owner (admin responsible for monitoring it). They can have custom fields, and notes. Changes in the pipeline stage of an order can also trigger emails, custom field updates, and other automations.

      We could build this. I know roughly how it would work. Our costs would be about $20,000 USD and it would take about a year. To make a worthwhile profit we’d need at least 40 customers paying $1000 / yr (or $100 / month priced monthly).

      I’m not sure the market is big enough for it, but I’m happy to leave this request open and see if there’s serious interest.

      1. Jack, if I can help in any way (if you decide to build it), please let me know. Happy to lend a hand (test/code etc…) D

      2. Christopher Miller

        I think there will be an official pipeline plugin for FluentCRM within a year, and it will be priced much more aggressively than that. If this is only focused on FluentCRM, it’s unlikely to be viable commercially. But I think a tag-based pipeline front end to many CRMs based on WP Fusion could work well and with such a large installed user base to sell to, you could afford to price it closer to Shahjahan Jewel’s typical pricing model. Done right, I think you’d sell a ship load.

        1. FWIW we use Jira pipelines connected to EDD, FreeScout, Simple Feature Requests (what we’re commenting on now), and FluentCRM, and it’s tightly integrated and works great. It’s also free. Trello is a good option as well.

          I don’t see a huge market for a WordPress based + tag based pipeline solution, that depends on WP Fusion… but I’ve been wrong before 😀. We’ll keep getting feedback and see how it goes.

  6. So just confirming here… the Enhanced Commerce requires sales pipeline?
    Is there a way to use custom fields or something similar to event tracking as a custom add-on?

    1. Right, our Enhanced Ecommerce addon syncs orders from WooCommerce (and other plugins https://wpfusion.com/documentation/ecommerce-tracking/ecommerce-overview/ ) into CRMs with a sales pipeline or order management system.

      For example HubSpot https://wpfusion.com/documentation/ecommerce-tracking/hubspot-ecommerce/ , Brevo https://wpfusion.com/documentation/ecommerce-tracking/brevo-enhanced-ecommerce/, etc.

      And then when order statuses are updated in WordPress, we move sales through their corresponding sales pipelines.

      Without a way to view or manage those orders inside FluentCRM, there’s nothing for us to integrate with.

      1. Thanks for the explanations, Jack. Just one last question, I see from your documentation that WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions orders are synced through ‘event tracking’ with FluentCRM. Do you think it’s feasible to do something similar for MemberPress? This would definitely solve a huge chunk of problems, like being able to set up workflows based on purchased memberships and renewals, have a history of users and how much they spend, etc. Do you think it’s something doable?”

  7. FluentBoards Beta is now open. From a post by the CEO in the community it sounds like at least there will be a free add-on to fluentCRM that hopefully covers the basic needs

    1. We’re not sure. It sounds like sales pipelines are going to be added into FluentCRM itself in an update later this year, so we’re waiting to hear what WPManageNinja says about the data architecture.

      If the API and data formats are compatible, we might add a FluentBoards integration now and update it later to use the sales pipeline feature, but if it’s going to be completely different we will wait until the sales pipeline feature is ready.

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