Connect The Events Calendar / Event Tickets to BirdSend

It’s easy to connect The Events Calendar / Event Tickets to BirdSend with WP Fusion, and requires zero coding experience.

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The Events Calendar is a flexible event registration, ticketing, and calendar plugin for WordPress that can handle a variety of events. Whether you are organizing an annual conference for your company, holding training courses to teach CPR, hosting art or painting classes, or planning an event to raise money for a nonprofit, you will enjoy how easy and profitable The Events Calendar can make your event registration and ticketing with WordPress.

The Events Calendar lets you have it all: everything from online payments, seating limits, multiple price options, and discount codes to printable tickets and event apps on your phone.

What’s more, The Events Calendar’s powerful event management tools are the perfect match for BirdSend. You might be using BirdSend to track leads and sales, send email and SMS campaigns, and automate communication with your customers.

How can you connect them? WP Fusion integrates with The Events Calendar to allow you to add contacts to BirdSend when they register for an event, sync attendee information with BirdSend, and segment attendees in BirdSend using tags and lists.


Using WP Fusion to connect BirdSend to The Events Calendar and WordPress is easy. Simply install WP Fusion and authorize your WordPress site with BirdSend.

And that’s it! Your new event RSVPs and ticket purchases will automatically be synced to BirdSend.

Syncing attendee details with BirdSend

WP Fusion’s intuitive field mapping tool lets you associate data in WordPress with custom fields in BirdSend.

Head to Settings » WP Fusion » Contact Fields, and scroll down to the The Events Calendar section.

For each The Events Calendar field, you can select a corresponding field in BirdSend in which to store the data.

Available fields include event venue information, date, and event time.

If you’re using Event Tickets Plus, you’ll also be able to collect custom attendee fields on your event registration forms, and use WP Fusion to sync them with custom fields in BirdSend.

WP Fusion is also able to detect when an attendee is checked in or checked out of an event in The Events Calendar and update a custom field in BirdSend, which can be used to trigger email and/or SMS automations.

With WP Fusion, you can create a deep integration between BirdSend and The Events Calendar and do more with the rich data you collect.

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It doesn’t stop with The Events Calendar / Event Tickets

WP Fusion connects over 100 WordPress plugins to BirdSend.

With integrations like WooCommerce, LearnDash, LifterLMS, MemberPress, Gravity Forms and Zapier, you can start doing more with the tools you already use.

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